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ABC-CLIO’s suite of 16 databases supplies your student patrons with culturally relevant and scaffolded learning resources to help build their foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills, ultimately providing a deeper learning experience.

“ABC-CLIO is a high-quality resource with excellent customer service at a reasonable price point. GREAT value!”
Shauna Redmond
Senior Librarian, Virtual Services, Pasadena Public Library, CA
Features that Prepare Your Patrons for College Success

In addition to offering translations of all resources in 12 different languages, ABC-CLIO’s suite provides all-encompassing subject coverage, including a line of databases dedicated to exploring the historical experiences of black, Latino, and indigenous peoples in the United States.

To help students in any subject they’re researching, ABC-CLIO’s databases feature a video series outlining easy-to-follow steps for strengthening their skills in the areas of Writing, Reading, Researching, and Critical Thinking.

Scaffolded inquiry activities provide opportunities for learning at multiple levels; a text-to-speech tool offers read-along functionality for those who learn best through listening; and a translate tool allows for the translation of all resources into 12 different languages.

ABC-CLIO’s reference entries and video lecture series provide students with the contextual understanding and foundational knowledge needed to make a difference and participate in their community responsibly.

Self-assessment quizzes allow students to critically reflect on their learning of important concepts and direct them to resources for review when questions are answered incorrectly.

More than 1,800 videos and thousands of authoritative reference entries across databases give students context that primes them for an in-depth exploration of new concepts.

All resources are paired with a cite tool that shows students the three most common forms of citation: MLA, Chicago, and APA. Students can also export citations to EasyBib and RefWorks citation creators.

In addition to full email and print functionality, options to export content to Google Drive and Dropbox facilitate collaboration between teachers and librarians and make it easy to organize and share information with students.

Strengthen Your Patrons’ Foundational Knowledge

ABC-CLIO’s 16 databases provide all-encompassing subject coverage, including a line of databases dedicated to exploring the historical experiences of black, Latino, and indigenous peoples in the United States.

Credibility matters.
That’s why we have more than 60 years of record-setting awards.

Editorial Leadership

Our database team is composed of informed, curious, and well-rounded historical scholars. With a passion for creating authoritative content that is engaging and maintains a strong impact in the library, classroom, and lecture hall, our editorial team is committed to providing subscribers with the resources and tools that are necessary to take research, teaching, and learning to a dynamic new level.

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