Daily Life through History
September 2010, ABC-CLIO, ABC-CLIO Databases

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Daily Life through History presents a fresh way of teaching and studying core curriculum topics, engaging students of history by transforming dull and stagnant facts into perceivable realities that may even resemble those with which students are familiar today.

The database explores the daily lives of ordinary people through time and across the globe, providing details about family life, work, food, clothing, sports, language, literature, romance, education, gender roles, social customs, and more that cannot be found elsewhere and are an asset to student research. Furthermore, these details allow students to compare their lives to those of their predecessors and to discern how the past has led to the present, strengthening their abilities to make connections and to identify causal relationships, respectively.


2019 Best Social Studies Website—ComputED Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES), April 8, 2019

2018 Best Online Educational Resource—ComputED Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES), April 1, 2018

2018 Best Social Studies Website—ComputED Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES), April 1, 2018

2018 Gold Award—Modern Library Awards, January 23, 2018

2017 CODiE Award Winner - Best Social Sciences Instructional Solution—SIIA, July 27, 2017

Booklist Editors' Choice 2005, January 1, 2010

Library Journal Best Reference Sources 2005, January 1, 2010


"This appealing, thoroughly engaging, easy-to-navigate site is culled in part from Greenwood's Culture and Customs around the World series, supplemented by selected Greenwood reference sources and specially commissioned articles. The home page offers myriad ways to find information. Quick Search allows keyword or phrase searching; Advanced Search allows enhanced keyword searching, enables the use of Boolean operators, and offers Tips and Tricks. One can also search by the broad categories of History, Geography, Social Customs, Family Life, Leisure, Food, Religion, Holidays and Festivals, Family Life, and Arts; or by country or region. Search results may be sorted by number of terms found, country, or region. Results are organized by articles, resources, and images tabs, with articles being the most numerous. Sidebars accompany each article and link to relevant topics including chronologies, images, maps, and external resources....Searching World Cultures Today could make staying on task a challenge—one is easily led astray by the diverse, fascinating information it offers. Highly recommended. Lower-/upper-level undergraduates, high school students, and general readers."—Choice, April 1, 2007

"The fonts and colors used here provide excellent contrast while effortlessly guiding the eye through the possibilities the system offers....The design alone is superb and deserves a 10....The current content is excellent....An essential addition to all public and high school libraries: World Cultures Today is also highly recommended for academic libararies."—Library Journal, October 1, 2005

"The opening page for this continually updated website provides for a variety of search options for the new user. A quick search bar, an advanced search option, subject browse, and a country or region browse take the user on a quest for fascinating information pertaining to many cultural aspects of selected countries from around the world....Each article provides in-depth material and a sidebar of related resources for further reading with links to chronologies, images, maps, external links, culture and customs, the CIA World Factbook, and more....Users will enjoy the lively writing of the articles, and exploring and investigating the wealth and depth of information....An invaluable resource for students. Recommended."—Library Media Connection, May 1, 2006

"World Cultures Today features an exceptionally accessible interface. The Welcome screen offers four ways to access information. A Quick Search box allows researchers to type in a specific keyword. The Advanced Search option helps refine queries through standard Boolean operators and pull-down menus. Researchers can choose to browse by broad subject division (history, geography, social customs, family life, leisure, food, religion, holidays and festivals, clothing, or the arts). Users can also select specific geographic regions, either by accessing a drop-down country menu or by rolling the cursor over a map of the world....Equally useful for checking quick facts, compiling introductory material or conducting in-depth research, users will appreciate the breadth of information and ease of access....World Cultures Today is highly recommended for senior high, academic, and large public libraries."—Booklist, Starred Review, November 1, 2005

"The Wayne School district has adopted a thematic curriculum for the teaching of World and US History. As a result of this curriculum shift, we have decided not to rely on a textbook as the primary instrument for instruction. In this age of digital technology, we have found that there are many wonderful digital resources that students and teachers can utilize to enrich the learning experience. One of the best is ABC-CLIO. We find their databases of information to be rich in primary source materials, their readings to be clear and concise, and their videos, graphs, and charts very engaging. Furthermore, the ABC-CLIO databases are easy to navigate for students and teachers. Searches are easily obtained including advance searches. ABC-CLIO even provides stimulating lessons and discussion points to further enhance the classroom experience. We are very happy with their product including their support services. I would recommend ABC-CLIO to any school district looking to move their curriculum into the 21st century." —Carmine J. Picardo, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Wayne Public Schools

Prehistory, Beginnings to 1000 BCE
• Aboriginal Australia
• Prehistoric Europe
• The Fertile Crescent
Africa, 3000 BCE–1500 CE
• Medieval Africa
Spheres of Influence, 1776–1914
• Tokugawa Japan
• 19th Century Latin America
• Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa
• Qing China
• Colonial Australia
• British India
Egypt and the Near East, 3200–500 BCE
• Ancient Egypt
• Hebrew World
The Americas, 3000 BCE–1500 CE
• Anasazi Culture
• Cahokia
• Inca Civilization
• Mesoamerica and South America Before 1500
The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of Nationalism, 1800–1914
• Civil War America
• American West
• Industrial America
• Victorian England
Ancient Asia, 3000 BCE–500 CE
• The Indus Valley
• Han Dynasty
Central and East Asia, 500–1500
• Dynastic China
• Mongol Empire
• Heian Japan
The World at War, 1914–1945
• 1920s America
• Japanese Internment
Ancient Greece, 2000–30 BCE
• Minoan Civilization
• Mycenaean Culture
• Athens and Sparta
The Middle Ages, 500–1500
• Carolingian Europe
• Viking Age
• Medieval Europe
• Black Death
The Cold War Era, 1945–1991
• Soviet Union
• 20th Century India
• 20th Century Japan
• 20th Century Latin America
• Europe in the 20th Century
Ancient Rome, 1000 BCE–500 CE
• Roman Empire
The Emergence of Modern Europe, 1500–1700
• Reformation
• Elizabethan England
• Renaissance Europe
• Spanish Inquisition
A New Millennium, 1991–present
• Contemporary America
• China in the 21st Century
• Modern Russia
• Modern Vietnam
• Islam in the Modern World
The Byzantine Empire and Russia, 300–1500 CE
• Byzantine Empire
• Kievan Rus
The World Beyond Europe, 1500–1776
• Age of Sail
• North America in the Age of Discovery
• Mesoamerica and South America in the Age of Discovery
• Plains Indian World
• Colonial North America
• Colonial Latin America
• British and Dutch Africa
The Islamic World, 600–1500 CE
• Early Muslim World
• Ottoman Empire
The Age of Reason and Revolutions, 1700–1800
• Enlightenment Europe
• 18th Century England
• Revolutionary America


ABC-CLIO Solutions School Editions

Offering effective technology for your library and created specifically for middle and high school students, ABC-CLIO Solutions Schools Edition provides authoritative coverage of essential topics in U.S. history and government, world history, geography, and a range of multicultural and popular culture subjects.

Each online ABC-CLIO Solution includes four innovative components:

A COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE LIBRARY with content from more than 230,000 primary sources and entries encompassing audio, video, photographs, illustrations, maps, and rich media.

A STANDARDS-BASED CURRICULUM updated daily by a team of subject-specific editorial experts and supported by an extensive range of instructional material.

A DEEP COLLECTION OF MODEL COMMENTARIES from noted scholars that have been specially commissioned to foster critical thinking stimulated by exposure to varying points of view.

AN EDUCATOR SUPPORT CENTER containing valuable professional development tools as well as relevant resources such as discussion points, activities, lesson plans, and research lists.
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