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Classroom Resources

Highlights from The Asian American Experience Database

Open access from May 1 – 31, The Asian American Experience provides social studies educators with a one-stop research and curriculum resource for teaching about Asian American history and culture. Start your exploration of the database with these highlighted resources that will take students on an investigation of key events and issues in Asian American history.
Access the full database by visiting www.abc-clio.com/aapi-month/ 

Professional Development

Curriculum Connections with The Asian American Experience

Whether you’re teaching American History, World History, or American Government, The Asian American Experience contains resources that can supplement your existing curriculum or form the basis of stand-alone lessons. Follow along with these video tutorials for each subject area!

Trending Topics

Addressing and Supporting Mental Health in the Classroom

Prioritizing mental health is important at any stage of life, but especially for our students navigating the challenges of adolescence. This collection of teaching resources from Health and Wellness Issues delves into some core mental health topics, including anxiety, depression, support systems, and the issue of bullying on and off campus.

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