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Classroom Resources

Teaching Resources for Genocide Awareness Month

April marks the anniversary of significant events in several historical genocides and is designated as Genocide Awareness Month. This collection of classroom resources provides a historically sensitive platform for students to investigate key issues surrounding genocide, from the definition of genocide to the roles and responsibilities of the international community.

Professional Development

Expanding Empathy and Understanding through Literature

Great stories connect us to ideas and experiences different from our own, making literature a powerful tool for social-emotional learning. Explore these resources for educators to find a variety of literary applications in the library or classroom—from building historical empathy to destigmatizing mental illness.

Trending Topics

Women Trailblazers in Poetry

April is National Poetry Month, which offers an exciting opportunity to bring arts and literature into the classroom. This collection of biographies introduces students to some of the most influential women poets of the past half century and the diverse experiences their work represents.

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