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We share your passion for meaningful research and learning. Please enjoy free resources from ABC-CLIO databases, Praeger, Greenwood, and Libraries Unlimited.
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Front Row History: Using Oral Histories in Research Projects

Firsthand narratives have the power to personalize the study of history and energize the research process. This collection of interviews and narratives offers audio, video, and text-based examples to help students practice analyzing oral histories representing a range of diverse experiences.

Educator Support

Integrating Oral Histories with Purpose and Context

Conducting original research allows students to assume the role of historical investigator—but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. This collection of resources helps educators facilitate students’ work with firsthand accounts, including ideas for sourcing local contacts, referencing and citing interviews, and distinguishing between primary and secondary sources.


Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Media coverage of the recently unveiled ChatGPT chatbot has stirred public interest in artificial intelligence and renewed questions about the ethical implications of super-smart computers. This background essay covers the history and development of computer technologies and parallel concerns about their effects on human society.

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