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Classroom Resources

Digging Deeper in African American History

Teach Black history this February (and all semester long!) with student activities from The African American Experience database. Touching on various eras of African American history, the activities in this collection train students to recognize and analyze different types of primary and secondary sources to answer a central inquiry question.

Professional Development

Avoiding Plagiarism

Academic honesty is a foundational skill students need to learn to be successful at every stage of their educational career. This collection of resources for educators provides strategies for teaching about plagiarism and how to avoid it, including defining plagiarism, interacting with sources, and the difference between quoting and paraphrasing.

Trending Topics

Festivals of the Moon: Lunar New Year around the World

In celebration of the Lunar New Year on February 10, use this collection of exclusive reference articles and images exploring Lunar New Year traditions to bolster students’ cultural awareness and inspire curiosity.

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