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Explore ABC-CLIO Databases

Classroom Resources

Imperialism and Expansion: Student Activities

ABC-CLIO student activities combine a rich array of primary and secondary sources, background information, and key questions to engage students in a deep exploration of a topic. This specially curated collection offers an introduction to themes of imperialism and expansion, preparing students to understand how these intertwined phenomena have shaped the course of world history.

Professional Development

Teaching Writing Skills

Part of every ABC-CLIO database, the Academic Success Corner is dedicated to enhancing your approach to teaching core academic skills. In this collection, educators will find a wealth of strategies, tips, and tools to cultivate effective student research and writing. Whether you are a seasoned educator looking to refine your teaching techniques or a new teacher eager to build a strong foundation in guiding students through the writing process, these resources offer a valuable roadmap.

Trending Topics

Fall Festivals

Incorporate seasonal themes and world cultures into your curriculum with these reference articles exploring the rich cultural traditions of autumnal festivities around the world!

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