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It’s no coincidence that ABC-CLIO takes its name from Clio, the ancient Greek muse of history. With more than 60 years of publishing experience, ABC-CLIO has achieved an unparalleled reputation for producing the highest quality reference works in the fields of history and social studies. From ancient civilizations to modern-day events, we bring reference to life through authoritative content and innovative formats and designs.

Beyond simply presenting readers with the facts, our products introduce important issues, foster critical thinking, and provide today’s learners with the tools they will need to become tomorrow’s leaders. With the acquisition of Greenwood Press in 2008, we expanded our coverage to include other high-interest areas, including Business and Economics, Health and Psychology, Race and Ethnicity, and Popular Culture. For such a diverse range of subjects, we turn to an equally diverse range of authors—individuals who are not only experts in their fields but also dedicated to preserving and passing on that knowledge to the next generation of young scholars.

Become an Author

  • ABC-CLIO & Greenwood offer unparalleled reach into the library market; publishing with us means that your knowledge and expertise will be passed on to today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.
  • We’re a leader in publishing technology. ABC-CLIO was among the first to publish eBooks and the first to make database subscriptions available.
  • Our robust publishing program includes print, eBook, and subscription database products, offering more ways for readers to access your work. This means more potential avenues of revenue for you.
  • Competitive academic pricing and royalty structures mean that our authors receive more per sale than with a trade publisher.
  • ABC-CLIO & Greenwood are highly regarded names in the reference publishing field—we’ve received many prestigious accolades, including the Dartmouth.
  • We are the authoritative source for reference content in the fields of history and social studies and are expanding our coverage to other high-interest fields such as business and health.
  • Our commitment to upholding education standards such as Common Core ensures that our books are used in the classroom, the library, and beyond.
  • We keep books in print—our backlist of approximately 20,000 books goes back for decades, and your titles will be available to customers for years.

If you have a reference project that you would like to propose for publication, please email us at An editor who handles your discipline will respond with information on how to propose a book. Be prepared with the following information:

  • Keynote. In one or two sentences, describe the scope, rationale and purpose, and direction that the work will take, and explain why the work fills a significant information gap in library collections.
  • Organization/outline. Prepare a tentative table of contents or list of entries. (The list of entries does not have to be complete, but please provide a good sampling.) Include a sample entry or describe the specific elements that each entry will contain. For encyclopedias, each entry should conclude with a short, relevant bibliography suitable for student research (the complete work will also need a selected, general bibliography of print and electronic resources for students). Also include a sample listing of primary documents and any appendices.
  • Length. Estimate the total number of words for the final manuscript.
  • User objectives. Put yourself in the reader’s position. What assignments might your work be used for in high schools or college courses? How will your work help students succeed in school? What problems might your work help public library readers research or solve?
  • Competition. If there are any other recent reference works (published in the last five years) on the same topic, list them. Include author, title, publisher, date of publication, number of pages, and price. Comment on how your work is different from or supersedes the competitive title.
  • Biographical information. Include a paragraph on your credentials as well as your CV.

 Our sample proposal template may help you prepare your materials. Click here to view the ABC-CLIO & Greenwood proposal memo template.

Send the proposal via email to

Current Authors


Definition of Terms to understand the terms that appear on your royalty statement. 

When will authors receive their royalty checks and/or statements?
Both royalty checks and statements will be sent based upon the specified date in the author’s contracts. There are multiple royalty cycles, and accounting is working off these contract due dates.

Why are the indexing charges deducted from my royalties?
Unless negotiated otherwise, the author is responsible for the indexing. If the index was not completed by the author, then the expenses incurred by ABC-CLIO will be deducted from royalties.

Why does my statement indicate that I am due money but no check is included?
Per our contracts, payments will not be made for balances under $100. The balance owed will be rolled into your next royalty cycle, and will be added to any additional royalties earned.

How can authors update their addresses and submit W9/W8 forms?
Authors should update their addresses and submit W9/W8 forms using the Author Center. Click here to log in to the Author Center.

Permissions requests are processed through the Copyright Clearance Center. Processing times vary, but requests typically require one to six weeks. Please do not submit duplicate requests. Submit a permissions request

For university repository and film permissions, please submit your inquiry to:

The Author Center is a tool that was developed to streamline the exchange of information between authors, editors, and the ABC-CLIO marketing team. Taking a few minutes to tour the website using this simple author guide (PDF) will help you learn about the information that is available to you in the Author Center and the tasks you should complete.

Click here to login to the Author Center.

Congratulations on taking the next step in publishing your work! Click here to learn about simple marketing tricks to increase your publication’s exposure.

For Personal Use
Authors or contributors purchasing their print own book for personal use will receive a 40% discount plus shipping and handling. Sales tax will be charged, if applicable, for the state where the shipment is sent. The 40% author discount does not apply to eBook purchases.

For Author Events and Appearances
ABC-CLIO encourages authors to arrange book-signing events, speaking engagements, and other appearances on their own. ABC-CLIO does not solicit appearances on the author’s behalf.

Because publication dates are subject to change, it is inadvisable to plan any events within two months of the book’s scheduled publication date without first checking with your editor.

Ordering and Sales Policy
Print books for events are discounted 40% off the list price. A 9% shipping and handling fee will apply. Sales tax will be charged, if applicable, based on the state of the event. Books for events are not sold on consignment; prepayment is required. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

The host organization (conference bookstore, bookstore, or lecture location) must contact customer service with the book order no later than two weeks (four weeks if outside the US/Canada) prior to the event.

All inquiries and orders for personal use and events should be sent to:
800-368-6868 x550

Return Policy
Undamaged, re-sellable books (i.e., not signed, bent, or broken; no ripped pages, etc.) can be returned within 60 days of the purchase date. Click here to review our return policy.

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