Covering 17 subjects from American History to World Geography, ABC-CLIO’s school databases reinforce key learning objectives while offering a flexible platform for personalized student research and learning. 

Key Features

Organize database content in a curriculum-compatible format and allow for targeted research and learning.

Illustrate history through text, visual, audio, and video sources, including description and historical context.

Model inquiry and reinforce core academic skills in the exploration of enduring historical questions.

Resources for Educators
Support lesson planning, curriculum alignment, and professional learning – available with each school database subscription in the Educator Support Site.

Browse the Databases

Updated each month, the Featured Content page provides free articles,  images, and other media relating to a specific theme showcasing the breadth of content from across our databases. 

Stay up to date on the latest platform updates, new resources, and news from Bloomsbury/ABC-CLIO!

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