Daily Life through History
September 2010, ABC-CLIO, ABC-CLIO Databases

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Travel through time and across the globe with Daily Life through History.

Daily Life through History provides students and researchers with insights into the rich social and cultural landscape of world history. The primary and secondary sources of this comprehensive collection support coursework and deeper subject engagement with resources addressing the social history of societies ranging from the Aboriginal peoples of Australia to the citizens of 21st-century China. Daily Life through History explores 66 distinct cultures, including the Inca Civilization, the Han Dynasty, Medieval Europe, and Postwar America with scholarly contributions by distinguished academic voices like Joseph Byrne, Harold J. Goldberg, and James Volo, as well as more than 5,000 primary sources and images for direct analysis.


2019 Silver Award—Modern Library Awards, January 31, 2019


"ABC-CLIO’s Daily Life through History database does a fine job of elucidating similarities and differences across time. . . .This easily searchable compilation of more than 75 Greenwood reference works offers a wide range of historical information that would certainly augment classroom lessons on any of the historical eras covered. Best used as a teacher-directed resource initially, this multifaceted database is a sound addition to high-school and college libraries."—AEP, May 1, 2012

"Daily Life through History is an affordable, incomparable tool for high school and undergraduate students needing broad overviews of historical eras. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower- and upper-level undergraduates; general audience."—Choice, July 1, 2012


Prehistory, Beginnings to 1000 BCE
• Aboriginal Australia
• Prehistoric Europe
• The Fertile Crescent
Africa, 3000 BCE–1500 CE
• Medieval Africa
Spheres of Influence, 1776–1914
• Tokugawa Japan
• 19th Century Latin America
• Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa
• Qing China
• Colonial Australia
• British India
Egypt and the Near East, 3200–500 BCE
• Ancient Egypt
• Hebrew World
The Americas, 3000 BCE–1500 CE
• Anasazi Culture
• Cahokia
• Inca Civilization
• Mesoamerica and South America Before 1500
The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of Nationalism, 1800–1914
• Civil War America
• American West
• Industrial America
• Victorian England
Ancient Asia, 3000 BCE–500 CE
• The Indus Valley
• Han Dynasty
Central and East Asia, 500–1500
• Dynastic China
• Mongol Empire
• Heian Japan
The World at War, 1914–1945
• 1920s America
• Japanese Internment
Ancient Greece, 2000–30 BCE
• Minoan Civilization
• Mycenaean Culture
• Athens and Sparta
The Middle Ages, 500–1500
• Carolingian Europe
• Viking Age
• Medieval Europe
• Black Death
The Cold War Era, 1945–1991
• Soviet Union
• 20th Century India
• 20th Century Japan
• 20th Century Latin America
• Europe in the 20th Century
Ancient Rome, 1000 BCE–500 CE
• Roman Empire
The Emergence of Modern Europe, 1500–1700
• Reformation
• Elizabethan England
• Renaissance Europe
• Spanish Inquisition
A New Millennium, 1991–present
• Contemporary America
• China in the 21st Century
• Modern Russia
• Modern Vietnam
• Islam in the Modern World
The Byzantine Empire and Russia, 300–1500 CE
• Byzantine Empire
• Kievan Rus
The World Beyond Europe, 1500–1776
• Age of Sail
• North America in the Age of Discovery
• Mesoamerica and South America in the Age of Discovery
• Plains Indian World
• Colonial North America
• Colonial Latin America
• British and Dutch Africa
The Islamic World, 600–1500 CE
• Early Muslim World
• Ottoman Empire
The Age of Reason and Revolutions, 1700–1800
• Enlightenment Europe
• 18th Century England
• Revolutionary America


ABC-CLIO Solutions Academic Editions

The ABC-CLIO Solutions Academic Edition suite supplies the digital reference collections and full-text scholarship integral to undergraduate research in the humanities. In each of the suite’s 14 dynamic and discipline-specific databases, student researchers are empowered to broaden their understandings, analyze historical and societal complexities, and develop innovative and informed perspectives.

Contributions from more than 3,000 field scholars and real-time updates ensure researchers are always accessing relevant and credible material. Across all 14 databases, investigations into critical topics yield three integrated but distinct content components to support thesis-driven research:

Original journal articles, authored by leading academics and vetted by advisory boards of credentialed experts, that offer varied viewpoints on the complexities and nuances inherent in the discipline to serve as both sources and exemplars of evidence-based scholarly thought,

A robust reference library that draws from 200,000+ primary and secondary sources, including media and data,

And a course companion, comprised of both text and video lectures, designed to reinforce coursework or drive independent study.
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