American History
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Deconstructing the past, contextualizing the present, and pondering the future—these hallmarks of history coursework and research form the foundational purpose of the American History database.

American History helps students build foundational subject knowledge of U.S. history from pre-contact to the present day. With over 20,000 primary and secondary sources presenting a full survey of America’s development, this library provides a rich collection of primary sources covering everything from early diaries, ship logs, and slave narratives all the way to FBI surveillance files, as well as thoughtful commentary and academic discussions on topics ranging from early colonial settlement and the witch scare in Massachusetts to the complexities of politics today. Daily updates ensure that this database is accurate and credible as our understanding of American history continues to evolve.


2019 Silver Award—Modern Library Awards, January 30, 2019


"ABC-CLIO's online encyclopedia American History (Academic Edition) is a new addition to a crowded marketplace of online academic encyclopedias, many of which are ABC-CLIO products. This database gets high marks in terms of aesthetics and usability. The pages are nicely arranged with plenty of white space. And academic institutions that subscribe to other ABC-CLIO online encyclopedias will be able to save money on the subscription price and move between the various online products using a simple drop-down menu located on the left side of the page. ... American History (Academic Edition) is a high-quality, visually appealing, low-cost addition to ABC-CLIO's online encyclopedias. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and general readers." —Choice, January 1, 2011


Exploration and Colonization, 1350–1760
• Exploration, 1350–1550
• European Colonization, 1492–1752
• The English Colonies, 1605–1760
Civil War and Reconstruction, 1840–1877
• Prelude to the Civil War, 1840–1861
• The Civil War, 1861–1865
• Reconstruction, 1865–1877
World War II and the Cold War Era, 1939–1960
• World War II, 1939–1945
• The Cold War, 1945–1960
• The Fifties, 1950–1959
Revolutionary Era, 1754–1783
• The Coming of Independence, 1754–1776
• The American Revolution, 1774–1783
Industrialization and Immigration, 1850–1900
• The West, 1850–1900
• The Rise of American Industry, 1850–1900
• Urban Life, 1860–1900
A Nation in Upheaval, 1954–1975
• The Civil Rights Movement, 1954–1975
• The Vietnam War, 1954–1975
• The Sixties, 1960–1969
• Nixon and Watergate, 1968–1975
A New Nation, 1776–1800
• The Constitution, 1776–1800
• The Emergence of a Nation, 1789–1800
Gilded Age to World War I, 1870–1920
• The Gilded Age, 1870–1914
• The Progressive Era, 1890–1920
• America as a World Power, 1890–1914
• World War I, 1914–1920
Conservative Agenda to the Clinton Era, 1975–2000
• Post–Watergate Society, 1975–1989
• The Conservative Tide, 1980–1992
• The Close of the 20th Century, 1992–2000
Expansion and Reform, 1790–1850
• Political Life in a New Nation, 1800–1830
• A Developing Economy, 1790–1850
• Westward Expansion, 1790–1850
• Social Movements, 1815–1850
Great Depression to the New Deal, 1920–1939
• The Twenties, 1920–1929
• The Crash and Great Depression, 1929–1939
• The New Deal, 1932–1939
Age of Globalization, 2001–Present
• America Embraces the New Millennium, 2001–2008
• Beginning of a New Era, 2008–Present


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Contributions from more than 3,000 field scholars and real-time updates ensure researchers are always accessing relevant and credible material. Across all 14 databases, investigations into critical topics yield three integrated but distinct content components to support thesis-driven research:

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