World at War
Understanding Conflict and Society
November 2005, ABC-CLIO, ABC-CLIO Databases

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Wars create important turning points in human history, defining our leaders and changing the lives of ordinary families and citizens. Whether fighting for independence, forging alliances, making a play for dominance, or battling a global threat, nations shape history—and the world—when they go to war.

World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society presents overviews of 50 wars, rebellions, and revolutions, both those commonly taught and those less so, and provides additional analysis of causes and consequences and portraits of opponents. The effect is to elucidate the global impact of these military conflicts that have defined our world from antiquity to today such that students and researchers may develop a deeper, critical appreciation of both the history of the world and the human costs of war.


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Ancient Greece, 2000–30 BCE
• Peloponnesian War
• Wars of Alexander the Great
The World Beyond Europe, 1500–1776
• Aztec-Spanish War
• Inca-Spanish War
• North American Colonial Conflicts to 1775
The World at War, 1914–1945
• World War I
• 1917 Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War
• Spanish Civil War
• World War II
Ancient Rome, 1000 BCE–500 CE
• Gallic Wars
• Caesarian-Pompeian Civil War
The Emergence of Modern Europe, 1500–1800
• Thirty Years' War
• English Civil War
• War of the Spanish Succession
The Cold War, 1945–1991
• Chinese Civil War and Communist Revolution
• Cold War
• Arab-Israeli Wars
• India-Pakistan Wars
• Korean War
• Vietnam War
• Soviet-Afghan War
The Islamic World, 600–1700
• Wars of Muslim Expansion
• Wars of Ottoman Expansion
A Time of Revolutions, 1776–1825
• American Revolution
• French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
• War of 1812
• Revolutions in Latin America
A New Millennium, 1991–Present
• Persian Gulf War
• Yugoslav Wars
• Afghanistan War and War on Terror
• Iraq War
Central and East Asia, 500–1500
• Japanese Civil War
Spheres of Influence, 1776–1914
• British Conquest of India
• Opium Wars
• Mexican-American War
• Crimean War
• Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars
• Boxer Rebellion
Medieval Europe, 500–1500
• Crusades in the Holy Land and Egypt
• Baltic Crusades
• Hundred Years' War
The Rise of Nationalism, 1815–1914
• American Civil War
• American Indian Wars 1492–1890
• Wars of Italian Unification
• Taiping Rebellion
• Wars of German Unification
• Sino-Japanese War
• Russo-Japanese War
• Mexican Revolution
• Balkan Wars

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