Welcome, Nevada!

Thanks to the Nevada State Library, all Nevada students and educators now have access to ABC-CLIO databases.

Upcoming Trainings

Unlock the power of your ABC-CLIO database subscription with expert-led trainings for educators! 

You will learn about the content, features and support tools found in the databases.  Register to attend these webinars to learn time-saving tips and tricks.

View upcoming dates and register here.

On-Demand PD

Register and immediately view online professional development sessions for new and seasoned educators.

Start Your Journey is a 38-minute session designed to assist those new to ABC-CLIO, or for those who need a refresher in the quality content and resources provided with ABC-CLIO databases.

Other sessions that dig deeper into database understanding include Topic Center Tune-Up and Educator Support 24/7.

Educator Support Site

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From professional development and training, to curriculum integration resources and tools for customization, ABC-CLIO database subscribers have 24/7 support through their Educator Support Site:

Resources For Training

Interested in training your educators directly? Select a database from the list below to view an onboarding slideshow showcasing the features and resources available in your subscription:

Subscriber Newsletter

Each month, our team of editorial experts curates thematic collections of teaching and professional development resources from across our databases. Join our newsletter to receive these resources in your inbox!

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