Mission & Vision

For 65 years, ABC-CLIO has been recognized as an industry leader in the creation of innovative reference and professional development.



For 65 years, ABC-CLIO has been an innovator in academic publishing, providing top-level, comprehensive materials from our scholarly and reference imprints, to our digital curriculum and research databases, to our professional development resources. What started off as a small family publishing company has grown to become a recognized leader in the field, providing print and online materials for learners, researchers, educators, librarians, and information specialists worldwide.

Today, ABC-CLIO is owned by Bloomsbury Publishing, a leading independent publishing house. In common with ABC-CLIO, Bloomsbury is a publisher with lifelong learning at the heart of the business, with a philosophy based on digital first and innovation. Bloomsbury publishes works of excellence and originality to inspire, educate and inform, and believes that intellectual curiosity and educational achievement go hand-in-hand.

As part of Bloomsbury, we will continue – and enhance – our passion and commitment to serve everyone in education and scholarship:

Building Synergies

As ABC-CLIO has grown over the years, we have developed a framework of four unique imprints that complement one another’s strengths and together offer a comprehensive range of products to meet the changing needs of our diverse audience.

ABC-CLIO Databases — Authoritative Online Curriculum and Research 
Libraries Unlimited — Professional Development and Advocacy
ABC-CLIO & Greenwood — Authoritative Reference
Praeger — Scholarly and Contemporary Nonfiction

Read more about our history here.

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