Mission & Vision

For 65 years, ABC-CLIO has been recognized as an industry leader in the creation of innovative reference and professional development.



For 65 years, ABC-CLIO has been an innovator in academic publishing, providing top-level, comprehensive materials from our scholarly and reference imprints, to our digital curriculum and research databases, to our professional development resources. What started off as a small family publishing company has grown to become a recognized leader in the field, providing print and online materials for learners, researchers, educators, librarians, and information specialists worldwide.

Our passion and commitment ensures we serve everyone in education and scholarship:

Building Synergies

As ABC-CLIO has grown over the years, we have developed a framework of four unique imprints that complement one another’s strengths and together offer a comprehensive range of products to meet the changing needs of our diverse audience.

ABC-CLIO Databases — Authoritative Online Curriculum and Research 
Libraries Unlimited — Professional Development and Advocacy
ABC-CLIO & Greenwood — Authoritative Reference
Praeger — Scholarly and Contemporary Nonfiction


ABC-CLIO: A 65-year-old Startup

It’s 2020, and here at ABC-CLIO, we find ourselves in a unique position.  On the one hand, we’re a publishing company with 65 years of experience and a range of digital resources and imprints that serve students, librarians, classroom teachers, and scholars. Our name is trusted as a #1 provider of references, curriculum resources, scholarly works, and professional development in education.

On the other hand, we know better than to rest easy on our reputation, especially since the landscape of education and research is always changing. New technologies emerge, and the world faces new issues in the 21st century. It’s our job to not just keep up but also lead the way. It’s this passion for innovation that makes every day important to us and inspires us to keep on growing and reinventing as if we were just starting out in the industry.

When we look toward the future, it’s easy to imagine the outcome of our commitment. ABC-CLIO president Becky Snyder says it best:

“Our goal is to make sure every part of our company, from reference texts to provocative scholarship to professional development materials, makes positive impacts across education. There will always be new ways to help students become critical thinking adults who can identify and solve the next generation of problems. There will always be new opportunities to help classroom teachers discover innovative ways to teach.

There will always be exciting new frontiers for librarians who want to build their school and district communities. And there will always be new issues that lend themselves to research and deep scholarship. ABC-CLIO is committed to finding those new opportunities and never stop looking for more ways to serve education and research. This is what we do, because it’s what we love.”

What will the next innovation be?  We can’t wait to figure it out.

That’s the best part about being a 65-year-old start-up.

Read more about our history here.

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