Working with Primary Sources in Asian American History

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Primary sources lend voice and context to the experiences of diverse groups in history. This makes them an invaluable resource for educators striving to create more inclusive and culturally relevant curriculum. For outstanding primary source-based activities you can use with your students today, try these activities from ABC-CLIO’s forthcoming The Asian American Experience database:

1. Who Was Wong Kim Ark?

In this activity, students will explore the historical context and consequences of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case United States v. Wong Kim Ark. Primary and secondary source materials will help students evaluate the impact of the case on citizenship rights for generations to come.

2. Poetry of Angel Island

This primary source-based activity asks students to interpret poems written by Chinese detainees of the Angel Island Immigration Station. Historical background and scaffolding materials support students to make past-present connections between the experiences of early 20th century immigrants and those of Asian Americans today.

These activities are drawn from The Asian American Experience, a new database from ABC-CLIO dedicated to the study of Asian American history. Learn more about The Asian American Experience.

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