The Great and Powerful Collection: Uncovering the Digital Content Behind the Curtain

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Meeting the needs of our school communities during the pandemic has required creativity, dedication, and a willingness to adapt–doing less in some areas and more in others. One area of growth has been an unprecedented demand for eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital resources. Your digital collection has likely grown, but how do you sustain student and teacher engagement with the resources over the long term, to ensure that your investment is worth it? The East Baton Rouge Parish School District worked to discover the answer to this question after a devastating flood destroyed eight of their libraries in 2016. Join us to learn from high school librarian Betty Brackins and library services director Susan Gauthier as they share how they transformed a disaster into an opportunity to build a robust digital collection and sustained delivery of online resources to the students and teachers in East Baton Rouge Parish Schools. Follow them down the collection development road!

Topics include:

  • Building a collection of digital content, including eBooks and audiobooks
  • Incorporating digital resources into teacher’s lessons
  • Obtaining and sharing ideas for marketing a digital collection to stakeholders

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