Building Global and Digital Citizenship through Authentic Connections

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Students have so much access to technology, but are they using it to make authentic connections? Being a digital citizen AND global collaborator are essential in today’s world and must be experienced in tandem—and our school libraries are the ideal place to build the bridge!

Join media specialist Ali Schilpp for this inspirational conversation on the many ways a school library can foster multiple literacies, cross-cultural understanding, and expand students’ horizons. Learn about the positive impact of global collaborations, ideas for sharing a love of literature, and how to facilitate authentic connections. This webinar will share how to connect students with peers, educators, and experts as a way to introduce new cultures, people, and places, and broaden their perspectives!

Participants will:

  • Explore resources that promote authentic digital citizenship opportunities
  • See successful examples of connections made with peers and educators from around the world using creative projects geared toward expanding students’ horizons
  • Identify their own entry points to collaborations that foster student voice and promote global connections with literature and digital media

Thank you for your interest in this webinar! Complimentary access has ended, but the video and PD certification quiz are available to School Library Connection subscribers here. Learn more about School Library Connection and sign up for a free preview here!

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