Your Next Vacation Destination: Space?

Planets Under a Red Sun

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Nothing inspires wonder like the final frontier of space—and now, more than 50 years after astronauts first walked on the moon, the world is on the verge of an exciting new era of space travel.

On May 30, NASA will launch two astronauts into space aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon. The mission marks the first manned launch from U.S. soil in nearly 10 years, and is also the final test for what is slated to become the world’s first commercial spaceflight program.

As all eyes turn toward the skies this spring, bring space exploration into your classroom for an engaging end-of-term project or presentation. This versatile topic is sure to inspire students of all interests, spanning the history of space flight from its origin in the 1960s to today’s cutting-edge innovations.

To get started, cover the basics, and provide an entry point for deeper research and learning, check out this research list on space exploration!

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