Schoolwide Collaboration for Transformative Social Emotional Learning

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Join the authors of Schoolwide Collaboration for Transformative Social Emotional Learning to learn how a whole-school approach to social emotional learning (SEL) can transform a campus. 

As campus leaders, librarians play a crucial role in providing resources for all school stakeholders, developing library programming that supports SEL goals and implementation, and collaborating with school staff and community members to meet the needs of students. The authors will share their experiences with schoolwide SEL implementation, including the role each school member plays; how SEL celebrates diversity and encourages equitable practices; and the outcomes and benefits school leaders can expect when everyone works to create a common language and culture that supports SEL.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how to:

  • Advocate for a schoolwide approach to transformative SEL
  • Develop a collection that supports SEL
  • Collaborate with administrators, teachers, students, and community members 
  • Provide library programming that meets the SEL needs of students and staff

Thank you for your interest in this webinar! Complimentary access has ended, but the video and PD certification quiz are available to School Library Connection subscribers here. Learn more about School Library Connection and sign up for a free preview here!

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