Navigating Dyslexia with Digital Literacy

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School librarians are well-positioned to create learning environments that support and empower students with dyslexia and other specific learning needs. So what are the techniques and approaches that will help these students thrive? Join educators Tina Berumen, MLS, and Mary Kennington, MEd, LDT, CALT, as they uncover common misconceptions about dyslexia and share tips and strategies to best support your students, and their families, with digital resources and literature.

Watch this webinar on-demand to:

  • Learn more about the science behind dyslexia and how it impacts literacy development
  • Take part in a dyslexia simulation that will inspire you to see the world through the brain of a neurodiverse learner
  • Learn about digital tools to support your learners and get them excited about reading
  • Explore, and take away, a list of resources to support your professional learning, parenting books for families, and literature recommendations for your learners

Download the Webinar Handout

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