Mindfulness in the School Library

Mindfulness in the School Library

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Are your students stressed, anxious, distracted, or competing for who can be the busiest? Mindfulness, the practice of bringing your full attention to the present moment with compassion, can provide students another method for managing stress, reducing anxiety, improving focus, and increasing their chances of not missing a delightful moment because their attention is elsewhere. In this webinar, high school librarian Wendy Degroat will discuss ways in which your middle school and high school library can support mindfulness, including teaching students mindfulness techniques, whether in a few minutes or a series of workshops.

Watch this webinar on-demand to:

  • Learn multiple approaches to mindfulness integration, including
    • self-directed using library resources
    • incorporating mindful moments into a lesson or daily routine
    • opt-in workshops
    • multi-lesson units in AP Psychology or another course
  • Strategize about potential pitfalls
  • Reflect on collaborative possibilities 

Download the Webinar Handout

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