Healthy Living at the Library

Healthy Living at the Library

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Learn how libraries around the country are supporting healthy living: free summer meals and cooking classes, lending non-traditional items like bicycles and hiking backpacks, and even—goat yoga?

In his recent webinar with our partners at Niche Academy, author Noah Lenstra walks viewers through creative programs and practical strategies to build healthy living into their libraries. Viewers of this free webinar will come away with:

  • An understanding of how library programs and services can support health equity in your community
  • Model health and wellness programs from libraries around the country to inspire you
  • Advice for library staff on self-care
  • Ideas for community partnerships to increase your library’s impact

Watch the video below (will open in new tab via Niche Academy):

Cover of the book Healthy Living at the Library by Noah Lenstra

Dr. Lenstra’s book, Healthy Living at the Library: Programs for All Ages (Libraries Unlimited 2020), is a step-by-step guide to starting, running, and sustaining healthy living programs.

Read more and look inside! Use the promo code NICHE to save 20% at checkout.

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