Space Files: A History of Space Exploration

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For students interested in history, science, or even science fiction, nothing beats the hidden history of U.S. space exploration. Beginning with high-altitude rocket tests in the early 20th century and continuing with plans for deep-space exploration today, the quest for the final frontier has left behind a trail of transcripts, speeches, documents, and other historical clues ripe for investigation.

For an unparalleled primary source collection spanning more than a century of human innovation in space travel, look no further than this ABC-CLIO title, Space Exploration in the United States: A Documentary History, by Thomas Gangale! Sources include:

  • Early documents on the origins of the U.S. space program, including the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958
  • Richard Nixon’s undelivered address to the nation, “In Event of Moon Disaster,” to be read in the event that the Apollo 11 astronauts were stranded on the moon and unable to return home
  • The Presidential Commission’s report on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
  • Internal NASA documents and transcripts detailing early planning for the exploration of Mars
  • And much more!

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