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Coaching Students to Ask Strong Questions
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Rebooting an Ethnic Studies Elective: A Roadmap for Success


The Varied Roles of Women during Wartime

Whether fighting on the front lines or supporting the cause from the home front, women have always played an important role during times of conflict. However, these vital contributions have largely been overlooked by mainstream histories. This month, we shine a spotlight on the dynamic contributions of women during wartime to support a more nuanced understanding of history’s great conflicts, from ancient times to the modern day.


Coaching Students to Ask Strong Questions

Questions have the power to unlock new ideas and perspectives—and this makes them integral to authentic student learning. This month, we explore creative approaches educators can take to spark and sustain student questioning, energize the research process, and create learning experiences that engage students’ interests.


Rebooting an Ethnic Studies Elective: A Roadmap for Success

As our culture progresses, so should social studies curriculum. In this month’s featured resources for districts, Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor Erin Conklin describes how she created a new ethnic studies course that inspires students, serves the community’s needs, and meets new district standards.