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Media and Events: The Power of the Pen
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How Do I Teach Students to Search Smarter?
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Reigniting Students' Curiosity: Your New Playbook
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Media and Events: The Power of the Pen

How do media shape our understanding of current events and issues? This month’s featured resources for classrooms engage students with key examples of the power of media bias, from the role of yellow journalism in the Spanish-American War to coverage of modern social justice movements.


How Do I Teach Students to Search Smarter?

The internet has brought a universe of information to students’ fingertips, but access to information alone does not guarantee deeper knowledge or learning. This month’s resources for libraries feature creative approaches to building students’ search skills, including a critical eye for quality information and strategies for tackling research projects.


Reigniting Students' Curiosity: Your New Playbook

Curiosity is the foundation of deep and meaningful learning—in fact, research has shown that curiosity is among the most powerful determinants of academic achievement. In this engaging panel, four district leaders from around the country share lessons learned, best practices, and from-the-trenches wisdom about sparking and sustaining student curiosity in today’s schools.