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Plagues and Epidemics: How Do Epidemics Impact Society?
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Inspiring Students to Wonder with Primary Sources
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Developing an Inclusive Curriculum


Plagues and Epidemics: How Do Epidemics Impact Society?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been described as a once-in-a-lifetime event, though it is not the first of its kind. As the virus continues to influence daily life, help your students make past-present connections with a closer look at how epidemics and pandemics have impacted populations throughout history. Resources featured in this collection include activities and visual primary sources that illuminate the broader history of human societies and disease—from the bubonic plague of 14th century Europe to the influenza pandemic of the early 20th century.


Inspiring Students to Wonder with Primary Sources

Great primary sources open windows into the past. This makes them invaluable tools for sparking student curiosity and developing critical thinking skills through the inquiry process. This month, explore the many benefits and applications of primary sources alongside library luminaries from Tom Bober to Barbara Stripling. Topics include how primary sources enhance student questioning, promote inquiry, encourage historical empathy building, and power the research process. Plus, discover a ready-to-use activity that will help students apply inquiry thinking to the examination of a historical photograph.


Developing an Inclusive Curriculum

The value of nurturing a classroom grounded in equity and inclusivity can’t be overestimated. In this month’s highlighted video, Denver-based Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Tony Sievert discusses a vision of culturally sustaining curriculum and instruction, including a look at the theoretical frameworks that support that vision, how to implement inquiry, and resources that can enable successful instruction. Pair Sievert’s talk with the accompanying poster, “Equitable History Education,” to help your educators continue the conversation with their colleagues and students.