Harness the power of inquiry.

Inquiry is more than an academic approach—it’s a tool for lifelong learning. ABC-CLIO empowers educators to support students along their path of intellectual exploration.

Curiosity-driven learning

Activate student interest and sustain engagement with activities, lessons, and primary sources that are driven by key questions.

Built-in student support

All lessons and activities include built-in scaffolding tools to guide students through the inquiry process.

Effortless differentiation

A range of resource types allows educators to target key skills, such as organizing, evaluating, and synthesizing information, for different grade and learning levels.

Empowering lifelong learners

With ABC-CLIO, educators have everything they need to cultivate inquiry skills that will serve students far beyond the classroom.

Free Downloadable

Ideas and Activities from ABC-CLIO’s Inquiry Experts.

What's this? Who are you? Who am I? Where are we? Where did we come from? What day is it? Why am I asking questions? What are questions?

Edith J. DePass
Cheif of Inquiry
The School of Rock • California

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