Praeger Security International
Terrorism, Homeland Security, Strategy
March 2006, Praeger

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Unrivaled in both role and reputation, the Praeger Security International database has been the go-to digital collection for security studies for more than a decade.

The only resource of its kind, Praeger Security International: Terrorism, Homeland Security, Strategy (PSI) combines an eBook collection, digital journal, and reference library, all backed by Praeger’s 50+ years of excellence in security studies publishing. The databases’s eBook trove—of roughly 800 titles—encompasses the deep PSI archive, including such classics as Galula’s Counterinsurgency Warfare, plus updates that include every new publication in the PSI print series. Expertly authored scholarly essays and reference pieces are organized alongside relevant primary sources to facilitate topic-specific investigations, while advanced search filters quickly connect researchers with precise resources.

Praeger Security International: Terrorism, Homeland Security, Strategy is a must-have resource for the post-secondary students, researchers, and professionals vested in the study of the most pressing security issues of our times.


  • A robust library of roughly 800 eBooks, expanded regularly with new titles and including every recent publication from Praeger Security International
  • More than 60 essays from leading scholars such as James Jay Carafano, Jennifer Jefferis, and Jerry D. Morelock shed light on issues of critical security importance
  • Treatment of more than 40 critical topics such as arms control, defense and national security, energy security, cyber conflict, counterinsurgency, and terrorism
  • Thousands of primary sources and reference entries, plus varied international perspectives and reflections from psychologists, diplomats, first responders, economists, journalists, civil servants, war-fighters, legal experts, and more
  • Regularly updated with new content to ensure efficacy as a fresh, active, and dynamic resource for university students, scholars, researchers, and professionals
  • Sleek, highly accessible interface and flexible search functionality support comprehensive research on all matters relating to security


"Praeger is one of the most respected publishers in the fields of national and international security. Its new Praeger Security International Online (PSIO) opens with the advantage of full-text access to more than 500 Praeger titles as well as primary documents, chronologies, scholarly papers, and annotated bibliographies by experts. It has assembled these copyrighted as well as openly available sources to provide a useful tool for students, academics, and professionals in security studies. Searching PSIO is easy. On entering, the subscriber finds a home page with links to the most recent commentary, regional analysis, and a bibliographic essay. A simple set of tags sends the user to an advanced search page, a browse-by-subject section, a page to generate chronologies of terrorist events, indexes of primary documents, commentaries and regional studies, and access to the CIA World Factbook....Although the site's emphasis is on terrorism, the index of Praeger sources enables access to information on a wider range of security topics. Access to Praeger's library of encyclopedias is particularly useful for students....[P]SIO can be a useful addition to academic and professional libraries. Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections."—Choice, October 1, 2006

"[A] one-stop source for information on terrorism and security, covering regional security, humanitarian and peace operations, weapons of mass destruction, armed forces, intelligence, military history, defense and national security, and military affairs....[r]ecommended for comprehensive collections serving serious scholars in politics and government."—Library Journal, April 15, 2006

"PSI Online offers an integrated environment for researching international security, and is a worthwhile consideration for any academic library that supports these disciplinary interesting and useful discipline-based approach to researching and connecting with content....the potential applications to the social sciences and history are worth considering for academic libraries in particular....PSI Online could be a valuable resource for institutions with a large undergraduate and graduate curriculum in political science, history, and international affairs."—Documents to the People, January 1, 2007

"Highly recommended for academic libraries at colleges and universities with security studies, international affairs, homeland and national security-oriented course, and degree programs. Public libraries may also find PSI affordable and relevant to community interest in terrorism and national security. In any event, libraries have an opportunity to enrich their digital collections through PSI with its growing e-book content based on Praeger and Greenwood print titles. Although specialized, Praeger Security International is a case where content is king."—The Charleston Advisor, January 1, 2008

"Enhancements taking place between August 2007 and January 2008 present an expanded Featured Content Section, including new content in Business Security, Veteran's Issues, Military Technology, 9/11 and the Law, and other areas."—Booklist, November 1, 2007

"There is no doubting that Praeger offers one of the strongest collections of such titles in English, and having its catalog available full-text online makes PSIO worthwhile. The online service offers a significant cost saving when compared to purchasing the book titles: the list prices of the book titles included in PSIO that begin with the letter A alone is more than $2,100. Academic libraries that have or plan to have an International security-related curriculum will want to consider the service."—Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin, June 1, 2006

"Academic libraries that have or plan to have an international security-related curriculum will want to consider this service."—Booklist, June 1, 2005

"Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections."—Choice, October 1, 2006

"This resource makes an important contribution to homeland security, terrorism, and strategic studies. Background information on some terrorist groups dates back 75 years. A key contribution is the weekly commentaries written by experts who discuss relevant current events such as the rise of the Islamic State, the Ukrainian crisis, and the drug cartels terrorizing Mexico. All regions of the world are included, and thanks to the producer's rich publishing history users can locate vital information on many global concerns. In sum, this is an important resource that will help students and scholars investigate the many facets of terrorism and homeland security. Technical program students enrolled in security programs will also find much of interest here. Summing Up: Recommended. Undergraduates through researchers; technical program students; professionals/practitioners."—Choice, February 3, 2016
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