Understanding Controversy and Society (Academic)
September 2010, ABC-CLIO, ABC-CLIO Databases

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The very controversies that most impassion citizens, drive social policy, and shape modern society are the focus of the Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society database.

Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society treats the most compelling and divisive topics in modern society with authoritative historical context; balanced, expert perspectives; and carefully selected primary and secondary sources. Researchers find coverage of issues ranging in nature from environmental to social and domestic to international, with examples such as election reform, LGBT rights, border security, and gun control. Peer reviewed scholarly perspective essays offer informed insights, while currency is ensured through frequent content updates.


2019 Silver Award—Modern Library Awards, January 31, 2019


"Issues is a product that will be used. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-level undergraduates; general audience."—Choice, July 1, 2012

"The Issues database is very user friendly and is a valuable resource for researchers. Highly recommended for high school and academic libraries."—ARBA, November 11, 2016


Crime and Justice
• Capital Punishment
• Criminal Punishment and Rehabilitation
• Defendant Rights
• Drug Trafficking
• Forensic Evidence
• Gangs
• Gun Control
• Human Trafficking
• Intellectual Property
• Judicial Activism
• Juvenile Justice
• Organized Crime
• Police Misconduct
• Prison Privatization
• Rape
• Sentencing
• Serial Killers
• Victims' Rights
• Wrongful Conviction
Environmental Conflict
and Degradation

• Air Pollution
• Climate Change
• Climate Refugees
• Endangered Species
• Environmental Justice
• Forest Fires
• Hazardous Waste Disposal
• Natural Resource Conflicts
• Ocean Politics and Policy
• Ocean Pollution
• Overpopulation
• Ozone Depletion
• Poaching
• Pollution
• Urban Sprawl
• Water Issues
Internet and Technology
• Cyber Bullying
• Cyber Socializing
• Cybercrime
• Genetically Modified Foods
• Online Censorship
• Online Privacy
Society and Culture
• Body Image
• Consumer Culture
• Ethics and Journalism
• Gambling
• Pornography
• Sports Ethics
• Sports Violence
• Veterans' Benefits
• Violence and the Media
Economics and Business
• Consumer Fraud
• Corporate Espionage
• Free Trade
• Globalization
• Homelessness
• Income Inequality
• Outsourcing
• Poverty
Family and Youth
• Adoption
• Bullying
• Child Abuse
• Child Sexual Abuse
• Child Welfare
• Divorce
• Domestic Violence
• Parental Rights
• Polygamy
• Teen Pregnancy
Law and Politics
• Animal Rights
• Censorship
• Civil Liberties
• Election and Campaign Reform
• Euthanasia and the Right to Die
• Government Secrecy
• Health Care
• Immigration
• Lobbying
• Marijuana Legalization
• Media and Politics
• Social Security Reform
• Tax Reform
• U.S. as World Power
• Voting Controversies
• Welfare Reform
• Youth and Political Participation
War and Conflict
• Anti-American Sentiment
• Aviation Security
• Bioterrorism
• Border Security
• Domestic Terrorism
• Ecoterrorism
• Ethics of War
• Military Robots and Drones
• Military Service
• National Security
• Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation
• Refugees
• Space and the Military
• Torture
• War Crimes and International Law
• Women in Combat
• Academic Plagiarism
• Bilingual Education
• Education and Gender
• Education Reform
• Literacy
• Religion in Schools
• Rising College Costs
• School Violence
• Sex Education in Schools
• Student Rights
• Teaching Evolution vs. Creationism
Gender and Sexuality
• Abortion
• Equality in the Workplace
• Feminism
• Gay and Lesbian Rights
• Gender Politics
• Hate Crimes
• Same-Sex Marriage
• Sexual Harassment
• Transgender Rights
Race and Ethnicity
• Affirmative Action
• Civil Rights
• Native American Issues
• Racial and Ethnic Diversity
• Racial Profiling
• White Supremacy
Energy and Environmental Sustainability
• Biodiversity
• Energy Conservation
• Environmental Activism
• Forest Conservation
• Nuclear Power
• Recycling
• Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Sustainable Development
• Waste Management
•Wilderness Preservation
Health and Medicine
• AIDS Treatment
• Alcohol Abuse
• Anti-Vaccination Movement
• Drug Abuse
• Drunk Driving
• Epidemics and Pandemics
• Mental Health
• Organic Movement
• Smoking
• Stem Cell Research
• Suicide
Religion and Spirituality
• Anti-Semitism
• Cults
• Islam in the West
• Religion and Politics
• Religious Extremism


ABC-CLIO Solutions Academic Editions

The ABC-CLIO Solutions Academic Edition suite supplies the digital reference collections and full-text scholarship integral to undergraduate research in the humanities. In each of the suite’s 14 dynamic and discipline-specific databases, student researchers are empowered to broaden their understandings, analyze historical and societal complexities, and develop innovative and informed perspectives.

Contributions from more than 3,000 field scholars and real-time updates ensure researchers are always accessing relevant and credible material. Across all 14 databases, investigations into critical topics yield three integrated but distinct content components to support thesis-driven research:

Original journal articles, authored by leading academics and vetted by advisory boards of credentialed experts, that offer varied viewpoints on the complexities and nuances inherent in the discipline to serve as both sources and exemplars of evidence-based scholarly thought,

A robust reference library that draws from 200,000+ primary and secondary sources, including media and data,

And a course companion, comprised of both text and video lectures, designed to reinforce coursework or drive independent study.
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