Enterprise Security for the Executive
Setting the Tone from the Top
by Jennifer L. Bayuk
November 2009, 163pp, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-313-37660-3
$75, £58, 66€, A103
eBook Available: 978-0-313-37661-0
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Firewalls breached. Websites hacked. Confidential files pilfered. Trucks hijacked. Financials manipulated. Today’s security teams routinely face nightmare scenarios of malicious, criminal breaches. Executives may not want to get involved in the nuts and bolts of this crucial work, but there is something essential they can do: set the tone for a serious security culture from the top.

A guide to security written for business executives to help them better lead security efforts.

Enterprise Security for the Executive: Setting the Tone from the Top is designed to help business executives become familiar with security concepts and techniques to make sure they are able to manage and support the efforts of their security team. It is the first such work to define the leadership role for executives in any business’s security apparatus.

In Enterprise Security for the Executive, author Jennifer Bayuk, a highly regarded information security specialist and sought-after consultant and speaker, explains protocols and technologies at just the right level of depth for the busy executive—in their language, not the tech-speak of the security professional. Throughout, the book draws a number of fact-based scenarios to illustrate security management basics, including 30 security “horror stories,” and other analogies and terminology not commonly shared outside of the security profession.


  • Details 30 “security horror stories,” giving executives an insider’s look at real criminal and malicious breaches and how to prepare for them
  • Includes a case study that allows a readers to test their comprehension of the material
Jennifer L. Bayuk is an independent consultant and adjunct professor at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. A former chief information security officer for a major financial firm, Bayuk has a wide variety of practical experience in security management. Her published works include Stepping Through the InfoSec Program and Stepping Through the IS Audit, and coeditor of Enterprise Information Security and Privacy.


"This book is an excellent read of the practical aspects of building, marketing and maintaining an effective security program, within a business enterprise. It tells it like it is, including how to deal with corporate culture.'"—Dan Schutzer, Executive Director, Financial Services Technology Consortium

"Enterprise Security for the Executive is a refreshing approach to the realities of what is really needed in the executive ranks to facilitate and drive results around improving your security posture and minimizing your risk exposures. Bayuk provides proven insights around the cultural and political minefields one needs to navigate as you build consensus to drive change across the enterprise. Tone at the top is the motivator in the business world cultural environment. Without it you will struggle to reach meaningful goals and at best will effectuate departmental or perhaps divisional improvements in your profile. This is a must read for anyone who is trying to learn more effective ways to get the ‘people and process’ side of the equation right before they consider technology."—Robert F. Gleason, Director Strategic Relations, Ernst & Young LLP

"Jennifer Bayuk is one of the savviest security professionals in the field today, and so it is no surprise that Enterprise Security for the Executive is an important contribution. It addresses the most challenging and pressing information security issue: the lack of practical experience and institutional memory at the C-level and in the Board Room. Put this book in the hands of a responsible executive, and you have something more formidable than the most sophisticated authentication system or the most powerful crypto -- someone who can make a mandate meaningful and a plan pervasive."—Richard Power, Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Mellon CyLab

"One of the challenges that we have found over the years is translating 'security speak' into clear business terms and articulating the return on security investment (ROSI). Jennifer, based on a successful career in Information Security, explains the successful way to accomplish this difficult mission. A must read for security and non security professionals."—Prof. Howard A. Schmidt, President & CEO, Information Security Forum, National Cyber Adviser to President Obama

"The one true power of the executive is the power to appoint. The one true measure of the executive is what did not happen on their watch. These truths are rarely acknowledged, and uncommonly understood. Jennifer Bayuk understands them as she has lived them, and she has lived them because she understands. She does not write for everyone; perhaps she writes for you.' "—Dan Geer, Chief Information Security Officer, In-Q-Tel

"Jennifer's book will prove invaluable to anyone concerned with improving security!' "—Ed Amoroso, Chief Security Officer, AT&T, author of CyberSecurity, Intrusion Detection, and Fundamentals of Computer Security

"Author Jennifer Bayuk, a well-known thought leader among information security professionals, masterfully draws from her broad experience to guide readers easily through the complexities of security governance."—Warren Axelrod, former Chief Information Security Officer, author of Outsourcing Information Security, and editor, Enterprise Security and Privacy ,

"Enterprise Security for the Executive is a fantastic book. It provides a no-nonsense approach to attaining effective information security. For those executives that are serious about security, the book will be their guiding light down the dark information security tunnel. In its 8 chapters (and a case study), the book focuses on a straightforward and plain-speaking approach to enable CxO's to get a handle on information security. As such, it is hoped that Enterprise Security for the Executive will soon find its way onto every executives required reading list."—Ben Rothke, CISSP, PCI QSA
Senior Security Consultant
BT Global Services
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