Great Events in Religion
An Encyclopedia of Pivotal Events in Religious History [3 volumes]
by Florin Curta and Andrew Holt, Editors
November 2016, 1047pp, 8 1/2x11
3 volumes, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-61069-565-7
$358, £276, 312€, A491
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eBook Available: 978-1-61069-566-4
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Religion has played a key role in shaping history. Momentous events in religion are also great events in world history.

This three-volume set presents fundamental information about the most important events in world religious history as well as substantive discussions of their significance and impact.

This work offers readers a broad and thorough look at the greatest events in world religious history, covering a wide range of religions, time periods, and areas around the globe. The entries present authoritative information and informed viewpoints written by expert contributors that enable readers to easily learn about the chief events in religious history, help them to better understand the course of world history, and promote a greater respect for culturally diverse religious traditions.

The first of the three volumes covers religion from the preliterary world through around AD 600; the second, the post-classical era from 600 to 1450; and the third, the modern era from 1450 to the present. Each volume begins with a substantive introduction that discusses the history of world religions during the period covered by the volume. The chronologically ordered entries overview each event, place it in historical context, and identify the reasons for its enduring significance.


  • Presents readers with essential information about the chief events in religious history that will help them better understand world history and promote a greater respect for culturally diverse religious traditions
  • Provides cross-references and sidebars that cite print and electronic resources for further reading with each entry
  • Includes a selected, general bibliography of print and electronic resources suitable for student research
Florin Curta is professor of medieval history and archaeology at the University of Florida, Gainesville. His previous books include The Edinburgh History of the Greeks, c. 500 to 1050: The Early Middle Ages; East Central and Eastern Europe in the Early Middle Ages; and The Making of the Slavs: History and Archaeology of the Lower Danube Region, c. 500–700.

Andrew Holt is associate professor of history at Florida State College at Jacksonville. His previous books include Competing Voices from the Crusades: Fighting Words.


"Surprisingly readable from cover to cover. . . . One of the most helpful components of the set are the 'Further Reading' suggestions that accompany every entry. Ample cross-referencing also adds a layer of depth. Recommended for most religion collections."—Booklist, April 24, 2017

"What distinguishes this set is its chronological rather than topical arrangement and emphasis on earlier periods. . . . The chief advantage of arranging information by date is being able to trace simultaneously significant events in each faith's religious history. . . . Summing Up: Recommended. High school students through undergraduates; general readers."—Choice, July 1, 2017
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