The 100 Greatest Bands of All Time
A Guide to the Legends Who Rocked the World
by David V. Moskowitz, Editor
November 2015, 756pp, 8 1/2x11
2 volumes, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-0339-0
$218, £168, 190€, A299
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-0340-6
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Music lovers often ponder which bands have had the most impact on rock music—and why.

This one-of-a-kind reference investigates the music and the musicians that set the popular trends of the last half century in America.

Many rock fans have, at one time or another, ranked their favorite artists in order of talent, charisma, and musical influence on the world as they see it. In this same spirit, author and music historian David V. Moskowitz expands on the concept of “top ten” lists to provide a lineup of the best 100 musical groups from the past 60 years. Since the chosen bands are based on the author’s personal taste, this two-volume set provokes discussion of which performers are included and why, offering insights into the surprising influences behind them.

From the Everly Brothers, to the Ramones, to Public Enemy, the work covers a wide variety of styles and genres, clearly illustrating the connections between them. Entries focus on the group’s history, touring, membership, major releases, selected discography, bibliography, and influence. Contributions from leading scholars in popular music shed light on derivative artists and underscore the overall impact of the performers on the music industry.


  • Contains an alphabetical collection of entries that each profile a major group and band from the past 60 years
  • Provides a selected discography and bibliography for further listening and reading for each entry
  • Covers a wide variety of styles from classic rock to surf rock to hip hop
  • Features sidebar entries which tie together larger popular music concepts such as the rise and influence of MTV and the phenomenon of girl bands
David V. Moskowitz, PhD, is professor and graduate coordinator of music at the University of South Dakota. His published works include two Greenwood titles, Caribbean Popular Music: An Encyclopedia of Reggae, Mento, Ska, Rock Steady, and Dancehall and Bob Marley: A Biography, as well as the Praeger titles The Words and Music of Jimi Hendrix and The Words and Music of Bob Marley.


"Overall, this is both a fun and useful resource that is suitable for most public libraries."—Booklist, February 23, 2016

"[T]he work is very useful as a reference tool for its fine treatment of major artists. Summing Up: Recommended. All readers."—Choice, May 2, 2016
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