This “Comic Book Kid” has Some Tips for You

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This year, for the first time ever, a graphic novel (New Kid by Jerry Craft) won one of the most prestigious awards in American literature—the Newbery Medal. This speaks to what most of us have known since we encountered our first speech balloon in a book: graphic novels are powerful! In a learning community, they have the potential to light up student engagement while integrating and developing a variety of learning modalities, not to mention encouraging reluctant readers to take a deep dive into the world of literature.

If you’re looking to incorporate more graphic novels into your collection or classroom, Tom Bober’s Curriculum Connection is a great place to start! As a self-proclaimed “comic book kid” himself, Tom is the perfect guide to inspire new pathways through the genre.

Check out Tom’s editorial with:

  • Time-tested tools, tips, and book suggestions
  • Classroom-ready lesson that can be used for in-depth reading or creating graphic novels
  • Curated list of related resources for further reading

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