The Art of Asking Questions

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Questions are the heart and soul of inquiry. Students of all ages benefit from repeated opportunities to practice the art of asking questions, as well as a roadmap for how to develop the complexity of their questioning over time. Asking their own questions enables students to engage more deeply with materials across subjects and creates and builds upon a foundation of critical thinking skills that supports independent investigation. Spark new ideas about how to approach questioning with your students in this webinar led by school librarian and SLC Curriculum Connection Editor Courtney Pentland. Attendees will engage in question-developing activities that they can use tomorrow with their K-12 students, and they will come away with energizing approaches to bring these ideas into their collaborative practices.

Join us January 28 to learn more about:

  • A variety of classroom-ready activities that will help students develop questioning skills
  • Strategies, like exploring the difference between thick and thin questions, that can be used to inspire inquiry across disciplines
  • Techniques that will help students develop their questioning skills through intentional practice as they move through the grades

Courtney Pentland, MEd, is the Curriculum Connection Editor for School Library Connection. She is the school librarian for North Star High School in Lincoln, NE, adjunct faculty for the University of Nebraska-Omaha Library Sciences program, and a board member for the Nebraska School Librarians Association. She earned her master’s in secondary education and master’s endorsement in K-12 library science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.