The 100 Worst Military Disasters in History

The 100 Worst Military Disasters in History

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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was the worst naval disaster in U.S. history. The 19th century Taiping Rebellion resulted in more than 20 million Chinese deaths. These events, though destructive and world-shaking during their time, were only small chapters in the broader story of conflict that has shaped the course of human history.

War, for all of its destructiveness, can offer a dramatic point of entry for students of American and world history. Place history’s most consequential battles at your students’ fingertips with The 100 Worst Military Disasters in History (ABC-CLIO 2020), a collection of battles and conflicts that reshaped the destinies of movements, armies, and nations.

This essential reference guide spans the recorded history of human conflict, from the warring city-states of ancient Greece to the global entanglements of the 21st century. Each entry includes a battle overview including date, location, opponents, historical context, and the military strategies employed by each side.

Battles covered include:

  • Syracuse Expedition
  • Gaugamela
  • Hastings
  • Agincourt
  • The Conquest of the Aztecs
  • Yorktown Campaign
  • Trafalgar
  • Tippecanoe
  • The Alamo
  • Verdun
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Normandy Landings
  • The Tet Offensive
  • The First Gulf War
  • And 86 more…

This title is published by ABC-CLIO & Greenwood, an imprint dedicated to strengthening student research and subject matter knowledge. Click here to learn more about ABC-CLIO & Greenwood and to view recent, upcoming, and award-winning titles.

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