Roots of the Environmental Movement

Three Mile Island cooling towers

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Whether we recycle, have an Earth Day party, or forward a YouTube clip of Greta Thunberg to our friends and family, it’s not difficult to support environmentalism today. But students might not know how deep the roots of the environmental movement really are.

Take your students back to the 1960s, and help them discover not just the environmental disasters that prompted worldwide concern, but the acts of groundbreaking change makers like Rachel Carson who were among the first to raise widespread awareness of global dangers. This critical thinking curriculum package will enable students to explore the question:

What were some of the major events that took place from the 1960s on that led to an increased awareness of the environment, and what changes in public awareness and policy emerged in response?

This inquiry-based exercise includes:

  • Expanded instruction and a vocabulary list to help students get started
  • A timeline tracking major environmental events starting in 1960
  • Engaging text and video reference materials
  • A worksheet to help students organize their findings

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