Reviews Roundup: Imaginative Reads

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Every month the SLC Reviews team rounds up a list of our favorite titles on a theme of our choice. Drawing inspiration from national holidays to fictional books with specific themes in common (time traveling, road trips, or summer camp misadventures, anyone?), we compile a list of our favorite books reflecting the main topic. Every book is reviewed with an eye toward its potential value for students, librarians, and educators and comes with a Recommended or Highly Recommended stamp of approval from our talented pool of SLC reviewers. 

During this time when our physical mobility has been radically impacted, the need for mental mobility could not be more urgent.  This month we explore titles whose creativity sparks the imagination and sets our mental traveler ecstatically in motion.  Whether through innovative world-building or fanciful storytelling, these wonderful works will launch you on a joyous inner journey! 

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