The Magic Word Is “Research”: How Librarians Become Problem Solvers

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If there was an Oscar for Best Educator in a Leading Role, the award would hands-down go to librarians; especially considering the range of people they serve and the challenges they help solve.

But when experiential knowledge isn’t quite enough, school librarians can use their resources and research skills to find and implement a whole new world of solutions. In their book Research Methods for Librarians and Educators: Practical Applications in Formal and Informal Learning Environments, Ruth V. Small and Marcia A. Mardis discuss simple yet effective strategies to map out and follow a research plan without feeling intimidated by the prospect of a full-blown research study.

In their School Library Connection article below, Small and Mardis explain how one librarian maps out both quantitative and qualitative approaches to the challenge of helping more students feel comfortable visiting the library, as well as how they implement the best solution.

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