Remote Learning with ABC-CLIO

Note: This free resource will expire three weeks from its post date.

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Even though there’s something appealing about working while curled up on the couch wearing sweatpants, most teachers will agree that we’d rather be in the classroom with our students. Fortunately, we can still keep students moving forward, whether they’re learning new subject material, building critical thinking skills, or preparing for an upcoming AP exam.

With the ongoing shift to digital instruction, ABC-CLIO is offering free webinars for educators looking to help their students continue their learning remotely, using a range of references, curriculum packages, and teaching tools. Our school buildings may be shut down, but that doesn’t mean learning has to.

These webinars are the latest installments in ABC-CLIO’s free “20 in 2020 Webinar Series,” providing you and your students with quick tips and support as your class and library explore upcoming research and curriculum topics. Click here to learn more about ABC-CLIO’s databases and how they can support your curriculum, planning, professional development, and student learning goals.

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