Ready-to-Use Lecture: The Causes and Traits of the Renaissance

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Teachers have always been the most prepared people in the room. But now that virtual instruction has taken many of us out of the classroom, our approach must become even more deliberate. The loss of spontaneity that accompanies remote learning, as well as reductions in overall class time, require our lessons to be carefully calibrated, our learning objectives finely tuned, and our methods of instruction streamlined.

As you and your students continue to adjust to the new challenges of teaching and learning this fall, ABC-CLIO is here to help. As part of our Ideas Worth Sharing series, we’re partnering with leading educators around the country to bring you ready-to-use teaching tools and resources, all designed with the demands of remote instruction in mind.

See what your partners in education have to offer with this ready-to-use lecture on the Causes and Traits of the Renaissance by Lee Eysturlid!

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