Integrated Advisory Service
Breaking Through the Book Boundary to Better Serve Library Users
by Jessica E. Moyer, Editor
September 2010, 405pp, 7x10
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Hardcover: 978-1-59158-718-7
$85, £66, 74€, A117

Library collections today have grown beyond books and periodicals with numerous multiple formats, ranging from audiobooks and graphic novels to film, television show recordings, and even games, but until now, little has been done to maximize the connections between these media.

This groundbreaking guide shows library staff how to break through media and genre boundaries, make new connections within the library collection, and better serve patrons.

Integrated Advisory Service: Breaking Through the Book Boundary to Better Serve Library Users is designed to assist librarians in making connections between all the different media in library collections and advising patrons. By understanding genre similarities between fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, TV shows, video games, and movies, library staff will be better able to access and market the entire library collection, as well as reach out to and serve library patrons who they may not reach with traditional readers’ advisory services.

Each of the book’s chapters is organized around a genre (such as science fiction, women’s stories, and others), with sections on integrated advisory, characters, plots, themes, and making connections across genres. Chapters are exploratory, introducing users and library staff to the key concepts of the genre and the importance of the different media. Each chapter also provides a variety of lists that will help both staff and patrons find materials based on genre interests.


  • Provides a single place to look for information on all the materials that make up modern-day library collections, from books to videos to graphic novels and manga
  • Includes the first-ever complete chapter on street lit/urban lit, one of the fastest growing and most popular genres
  • Features a teen chapter that will help adult readers understand teen titles and assist teen and young adult library patrons, one of the largest groups of library users, in finding what they want
  • Offers a complete chapter on popular science, a special section on romance for men, and historical nonfiction titles—all of which will be of special interest to male readers
Jessica E. Moyer is a doctoral candidate in literacy education at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN. She received her MS and CAS degrees in library and information science from the University of Illinois. She is the author and editor of Research-Based Readers' Advisory and coeditor of The Readers’ Advisory Handbook.


"Lively annotations cover plot and appeal, indicating availability in multiple formats, and are searchable by author-title indexing. With a broad scope, the guide is necessarily selective, and, as in most library collections, books still predominate. An eclectic resource for public libraries with broad collections."—Booklist, February 15, 2011

"Recommended for those who find the need to do any kind of reader's advisory (now known as integrated advisory work) and need not only a concise overview of a genre but also thoughts about what to suggest next in various areas. Especially helpful with YA work."—Teacher Librarian, December 1, 2010

"The book is organized around genres, and the chapters were written by some of the most recognizable names in RA. . . . An innovative guide to encourage librarians to think beyond the book when providing RA service."—American Libraries, January 1, 2011
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