How to Find Business Information
A Guide for Businesspeople, Investors, and Researchers
by Lucy Heckman
July 2011, 208pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-313-36280-4
$45, £35, 40€, A62
eBook Available: 978-0-313-36281-1
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There is nothing more important for investors than to research the organizations with which they may do business or into which they may invest money. Fortunately, that task has become easier as more materials have become available in digital format, including data from Mergent, Dun & Bradstreet, and Advertising Redbooks. But how does one sort through the available resources to find what one needs?

This fact-filled guide serves as an introductory handbook or as a refresher for those who want to research a specific topic or update their research skills.

The good news is that more business information is available than ever before. But for those drowning in a plethora of data, that is also the bad news. How to Find Business Information: A Guide for Businesspeople, Investors, and Researchers extends a lifeline to those inundated souls, offering sage advice about locating what one needs easily, quickly, and from trustworthy sources.

Encompassing print and digital materials, journals (both online and print), online databases, reference materials, and websites, this handbook will prove invaluable to anyone who finds it necessary to research business information. The tips and tactics it offers can, of course, be used by investors, but also by those seeking information about possible business partners, potential clients and customers, or sources of goods and services. Topics covered include banking and finance, economics, company information, industry information, marketing, accounting and taxation, and management, in short, everything one needs to know to make sound business and investment decisions.


  • Annotated list of sources
  • An appendix listing core items in business
Lucy Heckman is associate professor and head of the Reference Department at the St. John's University Library, Queens, NY. Her published works include The New York Stock Exchange: A Guide to Information Sources, NASDAQ: A Guide to Information Sources, Franchising in Business: A Guide to Information Sources, and Damascus.


"This book is a trove for business students and investors, along with business people in general. . . . As the title suggests, this is a book with detailed information about resources that will be useful for business people, investors, and researchers. Beyond that it will be a valuable guide for people interested in areas such as insurance, small businesses, real estate, taxation, and even job hunting and careers."—Choice, March 1, 2012
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