Gender, Humiliation, and Global Security
Dignifying Relationships from Love, Sex, and Parenthood to World Affairs
by Evelin Lindner
February 2010, 305pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-313-35485-4
$55, £43, 48€, A76
eBook Available: 978-0-313-35486-1
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“If humankind wishes to overcome its current crises,” writes author Evelin Lindner, “it is in need of a paradigm shift so enormous that it comprises all aspects of life. This shift must be powered by an emotional, motivational driving force—love—or, rather, a new paradigm of love, and a new way of putting love to work.”

An award-winning author and transdisciplinary social scientist offers a must-read guide to paradigm change for creating a socially and ecologically sustainable future.

Gender, Humiliation, and Global Security: Dignifying Relationships from Love, Sex, and Parenthood to World Affairs aims at outlining the kind of change that needs to be made if we wish to create a less crisis-prone world. This audacious work describes a vision for an alternative future, showing how new approaches to love can dignify gender relations, sex, parenthood, and leadership, and how they can guide us to a world where all citizens can live dignified lives.

The book is organized in three parts. Part I, “Gender, Humiliation, and Lack of Security in Times of Transition,” examines the nature of humiliation and how love and humiliation are influenced by large-scale, historical transitions such as globalization. Part II, “Gender, Humiliation, and Lack of Security in the World Today,” looks at love, sex, parenthood, and leadership and how they can be dignified. Part III, “Global Security through Love and Humility in the Future,” explores how love can be used to inspire psychological, social, cultural, and political strategies and to stimulate global, systemic change.

Evelin Lindner, PhD, is a transdisciplinary social scientist, covering the entire range from neuroscience to political science and philosophy. She holds two PhDs, one in medicine and the other in psychology. She is the founding president of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, a global network of academics and practitioners. Lindner lives and teaches globally, and is affiliated, among others, with Columbia University in New York, the University of Oslo, and the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris. Lindner is the author of Making Enemies: Humiliation and International Conflict, which was honored as a Choice 2007 Outstanding Academic Title and characterized as path-breaking. Her second book, Emotion and Conflict: How Human Rights Can Dignify Emotion and Help Us Wage Good Conflict, was published in 2009.


"In this far-ranging, sometimes brilliant book, Lindner (Columbia Univ. and Oslo Univ.) studies the social and political ramifications of human violations and world crises related to humiliation, defined as the enforced lowering of a person or group, a process of subjugation that harms or removes the dignity, pride, and honor of the other. . . . it will be indispensable for psychologists, humanists, and political scientists and invaluable to policy makers. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty and professionals." —Choice, August 1, 2010

"Lindner may have risen more than a few eyebrows by stretching the parameters of scientific inquiry into a realm usually associated with plastic lace, virtual Valentines and It is a subject area she calls by various names...Desmond Tutu, in his Foreword to her book, writes that she is advocating an African concept of ubuntu which he describes as 'traditional African philosophy for living together and solving conflicts in an atmosphere of shared humility.' . . . Lindner knows she is taking a courageous step into uncharted - or should we say uncool? - terrain. Fortunately, she is well-armed with impeccable academic qualifications: a doctorate in medicine and another in psychology. . . . This book is partially a blueprint, partially a call to action; however, it is as an authority on humiliation that the author is most powerful. She is able to contribute an imporant psychological component to a cutting edge issue: the linkage between a patriarchal family, an authoritarian state, and war. . . . This is an important book and should be read by anyone concerned about the future of life beyond his or her lifetime."—Peace and Conflict Review, August 27, 2010

"[Lindner's] extrapolation of humiliation as the cause of problems ranging from intrapsychic to global conflict is thought provoking. And her call to embrace love is at least motivating, if not prescriptive. This book would be of interest to a wide audience, including those individuals interested in gender, diversity, conflict resolution, and international affairs."—PsycCRITIQUES, April 26, 2011

"In a era of multiple man-made crises buffeting our world, Evelin Lindner presents an analysis that is timely and scholarly, inspirational and practical. No person, no nation, can ignore the hurt of humiliation."—Floyd W. Rudmin, Professor of Social & Community Psychology, University of Tromsø, Norway

"Gender, Humiliation, and Global Security is a very important tool for a dignified future and to understand the complex and historical interrelationship of genders at all levels, and, obviously at the individual state of love between two adults. I strongly recommend this book to be studied in universities and schools and, for parents, educators, sociologists and every woman and man."—Dr. Ernesto Kahan, MD, MPH, University Professor - Poet – Physician Tel Aviv University, Israel. Bar Ilan University, Israel
President, Israeli Association Writers. Spanish Branch
Vice President- World Academy of Arts and Culture USA

"A pioneering and multi-faceted book. It gives specific content to the general proposition that to build better societies and economies we need to utilize the findings of psychologists who study individuals, couples, and families."—Howard Richards, Professor, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana

"Ranging across the centuries and over diverse global cultures, this beautifully written, compassionate work shows us how the corrosion of direct human relationships underlies many of the world’s critical problems: war, terrorism, the abuse of women, and the abuse of entire religious or ethnic groups. While scholars and statesmen have worked hard at finding rational solutions to these problems, Lindner’s indispensable work demonstrates that no solutions will take hold unless they are based on a firm foundation of trusting and mutually respecting human relationships. This book bridges the gap between the psychology of conflict and macro-policy in unique and fruitful ways—an invaluable guide to finding ways forward in this time of global crisis."—Jack A. Goldstone, Hazel Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

"Evelin Lindner's vision was a major force that inspired my art installation, My Inner Sole. The book presents original ways of looking at humiliation and reversing it's destructive consequences. It is beautifully written and is a must read text to anybody who is interested in the future of humanity."—Zuzka Kurtz, NYC Artist and Creator of My Inner Sole

"Lindner invites you to a journey you must not miss. Combining research and profound analysis with warmth and genuine care for fellow human beings, she engages both your heart and your mind. Her journey is more than anything about love in the perespective of our civilization's survival. If the world joins her, there is hope."—Olav Ofstad, Country Representative, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Serbia and Montenegro and author of Conflict Management in International Peace Operations: A Handbook for Officers and Soldiers

"A breakthrough analysis of our moment in history, a liberating vision for love, sexuality and parenting, and a pathway into a better tomorrow: This book is a must read for anyone who cares about the future of love and wants a future we all can love!"—Michael Britton, EdD, Counseling Psychology

"What a wonderful book! Timely and necessary."—Mitja Zagar, Professor of Political Science, Ethnic Studies and Law at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Law at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the Faculty of Humanities, Koper, at the University of Primorska/Littoral, Slovenia

"Lindner's work has always been political, in that she attends to the dynamics of marginalization and oppression, but here, she focuses on an issue near and dear to all of us—the politics of love itself as a gendered phenomena. Her vision of a relational world free of humiliation is a beacon for anyone interested in reducing the violence of daily life and promoting positive peace."—Sara Cobb, PhD, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

"This extraordinary book is a ‘must-read’ for men and women of all ages who are interested in their own future and the future of humanity. This book is a beautiful meditation and a true vehicle for healing."—Grace Feuerverger, Professor of Education, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, University of Toronto, Canada; Author of Oasis of Dreams: Teaching and Learning Peace in a Jewish-Palestinian Village in Israel and Teaching, Learning and Other Miracles

"Evelin Lindner takes on a broad interdisciplinary approach toward social sustainability, showing how 'big love' can transform the world from a fear and profit paradigm to one that fosters global dignity and community."—Lynn King, Founder and Managing Director, SageVision, Shanghai, China

"The insights bestowed by this reading will be powerful for policymakers, and indispensible for all of us."—Carlos E. Sluzki, MD, Professor of Global and Community Health, George Mason University, Fairfax VA; and Professor of Psychiatry, George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington DC

"Evelin Lindner’s groundbreaking work introduces us to new ways of thinking about the abuse of power and its antidote: strong love modeled on the examples of world leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. A compelling read and a formidable accomplishment."—Sondra Perl, PhD, Professor of English & Urban Education, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, Director of the Holocaust Educators Network, and Author of On Austrian Soil: Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate (SUNY Press)

"Without a doubt, Evelin Lindner is the world’s leading authority on the destructive and deadly dynamics of humiliation. In this book, Lindner dares us to think bigger than ever before, challenging us to transform the degrading practices that damage and corrupt our most fundamental relationships, not only for our personal health, but also for the health and well-being of the world!"—Linda M. Hartling, PhD, Director, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Research Scientist, Jean Baker Miller Training Institute Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College

"Not only is Lindner presenting a research-based, refreshing and courageous voice of her own; she is conducting a huge orchestra of human research voices, stretching from economics to politics and family life. Centering on the future of the human child, she makes us understand why we need to listen—in a new way. Why we need to think big thoughts, combining insight from many areas. This book is destined to become a classic."—Øystein Gullvåg Holter, Professor of Gender Equality and Masculinities Studies at the Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo, Norway

"Lindner asks the pivotal question for our time: how can we use love as a tool for transversing the transition into a new, more caring world, a world of partnership rather than domination. Drawing from her research and experiences in places ranging from Egypt and Rwanda to Norway and the United States, her answers are always thoughtful, sometimes provocative, and invariably evidencing Lindner's commitment to building a world where human rights and dignity are truly respected."—Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations

"Anyone interested in the future of the human species should read Dr. Evelin Lindner's pathbreaking new book Gender, Humiliation, and Global Security. The desert of neo-conservative, neo-liberal ideology highlights the power and potency of the fully formed self maximizing individual. Dr. Lindner's book is an oasis of common sense. She diagnoses the troubles at the heart of the human condition in the 21st century with great forensic skill. Not content with diagnosis, however, she provides pragmatic, hopeful and realistic alternatives. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to survive the 21st century with human dignity intact."—Kevin P. Clements, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Foundation Director, the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, Dunedin New Zealand, Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association

"Gender, Humiliation, and Global Security: Dignifying Relationships from Love, Sex, and Parenthood to World Affairs is a sterling example of the kind of inclusive, integrative discourse that may just save humankind and our planet, the important point being that we can only create this kind of discourse together. To give context to the ideas in this book (the main one being that the dynamics of the present intensely interconnected information age give a unique opportunity to alter the influence of the 'security dilemma' identified in international relations research that has generated the 'traditional' gender relations of the last 10,000 years where the female sphere is 'inside' and the male sphere is 'outside'), Dr. Lindner shares with us her own personal context as a child of the German diaspora that occurred on the Polish-German borderlands after World War II. This basic context, as a child deeply affected by world events, directly led to her subsequent explorations of both medicine and the social sciences and to her consistent practical activity, as a global citizen and as both a psychotherapist and a social psychologist, in addressing the world's ills, particularly those affecting women and children. The book is not only transdisciplinary, but it also weaves together the micro, meso and macro levels of both personal experience and formal analysis into a seamless fabric of understanding into which we are all invited to participate. Dr. Lindner is akin to the Native American Spider Woman, a female entity who spins the world into existence through her narratives, in this case a possible radically inclusive future world, a world where no one is 'left out,' a world of mutual dignity and respect."—Jacqueline Wasilewski, PhD, Professor (Retired) of Intercultural Communication & Relations, International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo, Japan, Intercultural Consultant, Americans for Indian Opportunity, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

"The future of humankind is at stake. In times of crisis, we need people of courage, people who step out of the beaten track of familiarity and look at the situation from a new perspective. Few people have the global experience and transdisciplinary background that Evelin Lindner brings to this task. This book is a wake-up call and a guideline for humanity to follow if it wishes to survive."—Ole Danbolt Mjøs, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Past President of the University of Tromsø, Norway, Past Chair of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee of the Norwegian Parliament, Norway

"This is a stimulating and wonderful masterpiece of research, a fantastic adventure in the quest of values for a better living, for us and for our children. Lindner promotes the values of universal love and dignifying relationships between human beings. We should be grateful to the author for offering us this opportunity to reflect on our common challenges in order to prevent the worst from happening again."—Emmanuel Ndahimana, Managing Director of a Guarantee Fund supporting Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda
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