From the Campus
Perspectives on the School Reform Movement
by Sol Cohen, Lewis C. Solmon, ed.
November 1989, 245pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-275-93263-3
$95, £74, 83€, A131
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-0852-4
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Internationally prominent school of education faculty and researchers confront some of the most controversial issues in education of our time; equity and excellence, at-risk children, the education of language minority students, the governance of education, parental choice, the importance of home and family, and of elementary and pre-school education.

This important new book assembles internationally prominent school-of-education faculty and researchers to provide valuable perspectives on the school reform or excellence movement. From the Campus addresses timely issues in education in a scholarly yet easy-to-read style. The contributors represent a wide variety of disciplines including comparative and international education, history, sociology, political science, curriculum theory, testing and evaluation, school administration, special education and more. They confront the most controversial issues in education of our time; equity and excellence, at-risk children, the education of language-minority students, the governance of education, parental choice, and the importance of home, family, and elementary and preschool education.

This book broadens the scope of the debate over school reform to include concerns that the current enthusiasm for excellence will erode earlier gains for equality, and that the reform movement is not paying enough attention to at-risk and disadvantaged children. The contributors examine the need for radical restructuring of schools in order to combine excellence with equality. From the Campus offers insight, values, and pedagogical expertise from education scholars enabling the reader to be well-informed in the school reform debate. Parents, school board members, policy makers, school administrators, teachers, and education students will find From the Campus a source of stimulating ideas as well as a valuable resource.


Choice Outstanding Academic Book, 1990, January 1, 1989


"This incisive volume speaks to the compelling need for faculty in teacher education to respond critically and constructively to clarion calls for drastice overhaul in American education. Cohen and Solmon compile an enviable collection of a dozen essays by their colleagues in the Graduate School of Education at UCLA. Enlisting multiple perspectives from educational research and practice, they treat such diverse topics as testing (James E. Bruno); special education (Frank M. Hewett and Virginia de R. Wagner); vocational education (Harry F. Silberman and John E. Coulson); comparative education (Val D. Rust); organizational reform (Richard C. Williams; structural change (Burton R. Clark); communal ethos and privatization (Donald A. Erickson); language arts and literacy (Concepcion M. Valdez and Barbara hecht); and historical (Cohen), political (James S. Catterall and Harry Handler), and neo-humanistic (Carl Weinberg) dimensions. Refreshingly, the book is intended for the general public as well as for policymakers, school personnel, and educational theorists. It provides a rare scholarly account of the potential contributions of educational research in popular debates on school reform. All levels."—Choice, 00/00/00

"Numerous UCLA education faculty and researchers contribute their views on the direction of the school reform movement to promote academic excellence. Issues raised include concerns that the movement is not adequately addressing at-risk and disadvantaged students; administrative methods; parental choice; and the value of early schooling."—UCLA Magazine, 00/00/00
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