The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling
by Jonathan London
May 2009, 155pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-313-35918-7
$75, £58, 66€, A103
eBook Available: 978-0-313-35919-4
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Entrepreneurs and salespeople often find that, at first, innovative new products or services “sell themselves.” Sales habits become sloppy. Then, when the product loses its uniqueness and gains competitors, sales tank. Or entrepreneurs sell the features that excite them, not the benefits buyers are seeking. In either case, trouble looms.

The consummate sales pro helps entrepreneurs and their salespeople improve results by selling more goods or services more consistently—and at higher price points and greater margins.

Unlike most sales books, which address a piece or “moment” of the sales process (like negotiating or presenting), The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling addresses selling as a holistic process. As award-winning sales pro Jonathan London demonstrates, each stage of the sales process positively or negatively affects the next. Following his selling principles will improve sales for any product or service, no matter how small or large the company.

In this unique and practical book, London shows readers how to do the things that matter. Get a jump on the competition by starting out in the right place. Make people feel comfortable so they are more receptive to you. Explain benefits from technical, business/financial, and individual/company perspectives. Create solutions for customers that help differentiate the offer. Prospect using the Internet, Web 2.0, and other technologies. Deal with stress and rejection. Eliminate or soften objections to accelerate sales cycles and facilitate negotiations. Handle the most common negotiation issues or tactics.


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Jonathan London is president and founder of the sales training consultancy Improved Performance Group, which has a blue-chip clientele. He has extensive experience in training and development in the areas of sales, leadership, and customer service. As a salesman or sales manager for corporations such as Olivetti, ROLM, Wyse/Amdek, NBI, and PictureTel, London earned numerous awards as the top producer in his company—or in the industry worldwide.


"President and founder of a sales training consultancy servicing blue-chip clientele, London has extensive training and development experience in sales, leadership, and customer service. In this text, he discusses the critical elements of selling, from targeting and prospecting to closing and negotiating. London addresses selling as a holistic process, delineating how each part of the sales process positively or negatively affects the others, and offers entrepreneurs and their salespeople multiple ideas that can be easily implemented, at a very low investment cost, to achieve improved results."—Reference & Research Book News, August 1, 2009

"If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, knowing how to sell is THE most important skill you could possibly learn. Jonathan London delivers a powerful formula for sales success that is as eye-opening as it is surprisingly intuitive. The ideas are simple, elegant and applicable to 21st-century selling without the typical gimmicks and, once implemented, his techniques will return real results. Of all the sales seminars and courses I’ve attended, tapes I’ve listened to and books I’ve read, only Jonathan has given me the sales knowledge and the skills needed to win in today’s business world."—Robert Formentin
VP Global Sales, Financial Times Search

"The book is just like one of Jon’s training sessions: concise, packed with only the most relevant real-world selling principles, unapologetically direct. Not an ivory tower in sight."—Jack Macleod
VP of Sales, New Media Strategies

"I worked for Jonathan London from 1990 to 1996 and it was one of the best experiences in my career. Jonathan is insightful, strategic, and immensely focused on sales and the selling process. I learned much from him that contributed to my success in sales year after year and to furthering my career. He is a realist whose quick thinking and sharp intellect demonstrate how to best field objectives."—Bernadette McCool
Regional Vice President Sales, Providea Conferencing

"Jonathan's approach to the science of selling is a refreshing one that tackles the tactical and strategic elements necessary to arm a salesperson or sales team with the tools necessary to conquer any goal, especially in an entrepreneurial environment where Jonathan is particularly knowledgeable. As a senior executive responsible for national sales efforts in the Internet advertising industry for both start up and market expansion companies, I've had the opportunity to see Jonathan's methods in action - and they work! Taking a few lessons from Jonathan London will set any sales effort on the right track."—Jeremy Helfand
Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, United Online
Senior Vice President and General Manager, (an AOL/Time Warner Company)

"We hired Jonathan to teach our salespeople and sales management teams the skills and structure they needed to support our growth from a $50 million to a $500 million company. His programs focused our sales teams on concrete skills like pipeline management, prospect development, and closing, all of which led our teams to succeed. I would recommend Jonathan to any company looking to improve sales skills."—Morris Miller
Founder, Rackspace

"My work with Jonathan has helped in all elements of my career. His book shares the knowledge and passion he has for selling and will assist any entrepreneur who embraces his teachings."—Frank Cianciulli
President & CEO, The Streaming Network

"Hands down the most effective approach to selling and winning that I have ever used. It is a recipe for success and should come with a warning—BEWARE, if you use this style/approach you WILL be successful. Plain and simple, Jonathan is amazing."—Andrew Monfried
CEO/Founder, Lotame Solutions

"During my six years as SVP of Worldwide Sales at Rackspace, Jonathan's no nonsense, straightforward approach to sales training provided the fundamental skills and knowledge that helped fuel significant growth exceeding 55% per year."—Glenn Reinus
Former Senior Vice President of Sales, Webex Communications and Rackspace Hosting

"I have known Jon London for over five years. He is a true professional and sales genius. While SVP of Sales at Empirix, his sales training programs allowed me to turn my inconsistent and sometimes ineffective sales team into a world-class sales organization. Jon has the knowledge, experience, and credibility to teach the skills and behaviors that make the greatest impact in getting sales results."—Mark Armstrong
Former Vice President of Sales, Empirix

"I have known and used Jonathan’s services for 10 years in 3 different positions. In every case, his work and knowledge of selling and developing a strong sales organization and process have been invaluable. His book imparts the same wisdom. I recommend it to everyone interested in improving sales."—Mr. Bob Story
Country Manager
Integrated Vision

"I have engaged Jonathan on three different occasions with three different companies selling three different products; hardware, software and financial services. Jonathan is an active listener, asks great questions to reinforce a point and a very entertaining presenter. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling is informative, thought provoking, insightful and a close second to participating in person to one of Jonathan training programs. The book provides a simple and practical framework that channels sales people’s enthusiasm and passion through a process (targeting, prospecting, closing & negotiating) that generates extremely powerful and long-term results. Sharpen your pencils, takes lots of notes and enjoy the great read!"—Frank Kaplan
Senior Vice President-Sales
NetSpend Corporation
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