Concierge Medicine
A New System to Get the Best Healthcare
by Steven D. Knope, MD
April 2008, 200pp, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-313-35477-9
$75, £58, 66€, A103
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eBook Available: 978-0-313-35478-6
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Details a new and increasingly popular system of healthcare, by which consumers choose their own doctor and contract directly with him or her for maximal, individualized care.

There is wide consensus that our current healthcare system is, to put it mildly, broken. In this time of HMOs, mismanaged care, and a failing Medicare system, patients and doctors alike are dissatisfied with the status quo. But Knope explains that there is a solution – Concierge Medicine. This new system, sweeping the nation yet still the subject of some controversy, allows consumers to contract directly with a doctor to get individualized care. It’s a return to Marcus Welby-style medicine, says Knope, and it provides what he calls a critical element for the best care – time. Ample time for doctors to care for their patients, and to restore the doctor-patient relationship that has fallen into the past with our current assembly-line, fast food medicine. The first book published giving in-depth explanation of Concierge Medicine, this work also provides concrete advice on how to find, interview, and budget for a concierge doctor, using changes in tax law that allow patients to open Health Savings Accounts. Patient vignettes provide personal insights from consumers of Concierge Medicine, and further description of what is involved to use this new approach for optimal health.

Knope clearly explains the pressures that led to our current assembly-line healthcare system, allowing the reader to see also why the fact that a typical doctor’s visit these days lasts just seven minutes works against any attempt to get, or for doctors to give, the best of care. Health is our most precious asset, says Knope, and like financial wealth, what he sees as health wealth also takes time, effort, and money to nurture. The three critical components of optimal health discussed are: a good relationship with a qualified doctor, regular exercise, and good nutrition. Concierge doctors customize a nutrition and exercise program unique to the needs of each individual. Yet there are detractors who argue Concierge Medicine is unfair, because it allows just those who can afford it unlimited access to a doctor. Knope confronts that question of medical ethics also. This book will doubtless stimulate not only ideas and action, but wide discussion and debate.


"Dr. Steve Knope is a brilliant internist and health promotion guru. How do I know? Well, he's my concierge physician! And well it is, because Dr. Knope intersperses a personalized diet and physical activity routine into all of his patients' visits. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to enhancing traditional medicine with alternative, health promotion approaches. I call him, The Answer - i.e. the answer to our dysfunctional, impersonal healthcare system."—David S. Alberts, M.D., Regents Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, Nutritional Sciences and Public Health and Director, Arizona Cancer Center, University of Arizona.

"I strongly recommend Dr. Knope's book for anyone interested in preventative medicine. Dr. Knope is a pioneer in the specialty of concierge medicine. His philosophy of prevention and wellness has been widely received and his program in Arizona has been extremely successful."—Gregg M. Yamada, M.D. FACC, CEO, Pacific Cardiology, LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Dr. Steven Knope's revealing, readable and practical book explains everything you need to know to protect your most important investment--your health--and to do so affordably. Concierge medicine restores the doctor-patient relationship to the practice of medicine. It puts you and your doctor back in charge of your health."—Sandra Froman, Harvard educated attorney, international speaker, and past president of the National Rifle Association

"As a practitioner at the forefront of concierge medicine, Dr. Knope is the ideal expert to explain how patients can take charge of their wellness through this innovative approach to healthcare. In this book, he shows how this new type of medical practice--which offers 24/7 access to your doctor and even house calls--promises a highly personal, individualized doctor-patient relationship. This is the go-to guide for what you need to know about concierge medicine, including why it's not just a luxury for the wealthy and how you can find the right doctor for your budget and needs. And with his engaging writing style, Dr. Knope has delivered a book that not only informs, but entertains."—Tom Weede, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Author of The Entrepreneur Diet:The On-the-Go Plan for Fitness, Weight Loss and Healthy Living

"Dr. Knope's book is a clear and accessible contribution to the important national dialogue on health care delivery."—Tamsen L. Bassford, MD, Department Head, Family and Community Medicine College of Medicine, University of Arizona

"Concierge Medicine returns physicians to their original calling--the needs of the patient. Primary care physicians are changing the health care model by working for their patients, not the insurers or the government. Access to quality care at an affordable price--what a simple solution."—Chris Ewin, MD, FAAFP, President, Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design
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