The Business of Sports
Volume 1, Perspectives on the Sports Industry, Volume 2, Economic Perspectives on Sport, Volume 3, Bridging Research and Practice
by Brad R. Humphreys and Dennis R. Howard, editors
June 2008, 940pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
3 volumes, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-275-99340-5
$171, £132, 149€, A235
eBook Available: 978-1-57356-700-8
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From the financing of mega-stadiums to player strikes to the sponsorship of events by alcohol and tobacco companies, this set covers the spectrum of topics and issues relating to the management and promotion of organized sports—one of the world’s largest and most powerful industries.

The sports industry is large, visible, and growing—and it has a huge impact on society. That’s obvious to die-hard fans who not only watch sporting events but buy everything from balls to ties to paperweights with their favorite team’s logo. But even sports haters can’t escape the onslaught of professional sports: They are asked to chip in as taxpayers to build public stadiums, and their children are, like it or not, exposed to events sponsored by alcohol and tobacco companies, not to mention the juvenile antics of star athletes. Businesses, of course, take a hit in productivity when the Olympics—or World Series or Super Bowl or World Cup—rolls around. Yet most of us love to watch, and play. The Business of Sports takes on this endlessly fascinating behemoth of an industry to make sense of it all.

Yes, sports is big business. How big? Estimates of total annual U.S. spending on sporting goods and services range from $250 to $560 billion a year, and spending related to organized sport alone has been estimated at $200 billion per year. And it’s getting bigger, casting an ever-larger shadow over the entire globe. The Business of Sports throws light on the subject by exploring the business and economic dynamics of the industry from a diverse array of perspectives that cover the industry’s macroeconomic, management, and marketing/promotion issues. —Volume 1, Perspectives on the Sports Industry, documents the current size, scope, and magnitude of the sports industry in the U.S. and abroad—including the U.K. and China. It also examines the importance of the world’s most visible sporting events, like the Olympics, and the impact of sporting events broadcast around the world. —Volume 2, Economic Perspectives on Sport, takes an in-depth look at the sports industry from an economic perspective. The volume delves into the inner workings of leagues and teams, covering economic issues from the design of sports leagues to franchise financial valuations to salary caps to labor relations. —Volume 3, Bridging Research and Practice, fills the gap between scholarly research on sport and practitioners working in the industry. Topics include evaluating talent, maintaining managerial efficiency, analyzing statistical performance indices, and assessing the noneconomic benefits of professional sports. Business and sports are a potent mix of two of the strongest forces moving our society today. And, as the stratospheric salaries of professional athletes indicate, the industry is going through major growth and change. To make sense of it all, it helps to understand the underlying economic principles driving the business decisions made daily by owners and managers in all corners of the world. The unique, multivolume format of The Business of Sports allows sports nuts, journalists, business people, and students to explore the wide variety of issues that fuel the world’s crazy passion for all things athletic.


BRASS Outstanding Business Reference Source, 2009—RUSA, December 21, 2009


"Humphreys and Howard have amassed and organized more than 30 commissioned papers that examine and explain many facets of this n-dimensional industry. Looking at the business of sports from a variety of academic and hands-on viewpoints--economics, marketing and management, health and physical education, policy and planning--the volumes in this set include chapters on profitability and financial aspects of leagues and mega-events, expansion and relocation, sports labor markets, facilities, and many other topics related to North American professional and college athletics and to international sports....Recommended. All readers, all levels."—Choice, November 1, 2008

"The sports industry is the setting for this three-volume set of thirty-three intriguing articles written by well-known experts. . . . Ideal for students and informed general readers seeking background information and statistics on major economic issues in professional and amateur sports, The Business of Sports is highly recommended for most collections."—Reference & User Services Quarterly, December 21, 2009
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