Beyond Burning Bras
Feminist Activism for Everyone
by Laura Finley and Emily Reynolds Stringer
April 2010, 255pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-313-36580-5
$55, £43, 48€, A76
eBook Available: 978-0-313-36581-2
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“I’m for equal rights but I’m not some radical feminist.” It is a common sentiment, as people seek to avoid the aggressive, man-hating connotations that “feminist” unfairly carries. For in reality, by far the largest part of feminist activism today is moderate, respectful, and thoughtful, the sum total of a million individual decisions, actions, and encounters.

This book offers a practical guide to the everyday actions and decisions that anyone can take to promote gender equality and social justice in their own life and the world around them.

Beyond Burning Bras: Feminist Activism for Everyone is an antidote to the poison of shock jocks who caricature the women’s movement as a radical fringe of man-haters and paint activists as spoiled hooligans. Two real-life feminist activists, Laura Finley and Emily Stringer focus on the mainstream of everyday feminism, explaining what feminism is really all about and fanning out a spectrum of simple, imaginative, user-friendly ways in which ordinary readers can promote gender equality and social equity in their own lives and in the world around them.

Beyond Burning Bras taps the life stories and first-person accounts of 50 ordinary individuals of every age, sex, sexuality, class, nationality, race, ethnicity, and learning style. All of them tell how they found within themselves the courage to take a stand on the front lines of feminist activism, whether in subtle private ways or in life-changing public ways. After a survey of the history of feminism in the United States, the authors and contributors show in successive chapters how feminism today meshes with other forms of activism relating to the workplace, sexual violence, the environment, politics, human bodies, the arts, youth, empowerment, and mothering.


  • Comprises over 50 entries arranged topically to show the broad reach of contemporary feminism
  • Presents more than 40 contributors, including scholars, activists, professionals, students, and more
  • Offers a timeline of key events in feminist activism provided at beginning of volume
  • Includes an annotated appendix of recommended resources for feminist activists, including books, websites, and periodicals
Laura Finley is assistant professor of sociology and criminology at Barry University, Miami, FL, and director of the Center for Living and Teaching Peace in Miami, FL. She taught education, sociology, criminal justice, and women’s studies at Florida Atlantic University, Florida Memorial University, Colorado State University, and Western Michigan University. She directed violence prevention programs at Women in Distress of Broward County. She was a high school social studies teacher in Hastings, Michigan. She is the author/coauthor of seven books, including Greenwood's Prisoner Abuse and Torture and Juvenile Justice and Praeger's The Sport Industry’s War on Athletes.

Emily Reynolds Stringer is the founding director of Feeling Foody, an organization for developing nutritional awareness in children and adolescents, and Creating a Planet, an exchange program for community art in the United States, Guatemala, and Thailand. As an Americorps worker, she ran nutritional awareness groups for girls with eating disorders. She taught children and adolescents with autism at the New England Center for Children. She has worked as a rape crisis counselor, a care companion for disabled adult women, and a nursery school teacher.


"Recommended. General and undergraduate libraries."—Choice, February 1, 2011
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