The Way We Work
An Encyclopedia of Business Culture
by Regina Fazio Maruca, Editor
December 2007, 492pp, 7x10
2 volumes, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-33886-1
$203, £157, 177€, A279
eBook Available: 978-0-313-08370-9
Please contact your preferred eBook vendor for pricing.

An introduction and overview of the trends, fads, concepts, issues, ideas, and principles that influence management and reflect business as popular culture today.

From corner office to 24/7, the world of work has permeated every facet of our culture. The Way We Work explores in over 150 A-Z entries, the origins and impact of the concepts, ideas, fads and themes have become part of the business vernacular, shedding linght on the dynamic ways in which business and society both influence and reflect each other. Assessing the evolving business environment in the context of technology development, globalization, and workplace diversity, The Way We Work covers the gamut of business-related topics, including Crisis Management, Outsourcing, and Whistleblowing, as well as popular subjects, such as Casual Friday, Feng Shui, and Napster.


Featuring timelines and lists, sidebars, interviews with business leaders, facts and figures, print and on-line resources, quotations, keynote essays from respected management authors, cross-references, and a comprehensive index, this two-volume set will be a highly informative and entertaining guide to business culture for managers and front-line employees, educators and researchers, and high school and college students considering careers in business.


"It is a reference work clearly intended for school and college levels, but in its selection of entries and in the clear style of the entries, it does a good job in representing many of the key terms and ideas currently washing around in business and management culture and practice. A book such as this is like having a helpful expert at your elbow, one who has anticipated the kinds of queries you have when starting business and management studies."—Reference Reviews, August 1, 2008

"Business culture has permeated every facet of our daily lives. Phrases like glass ceiling, time management and 24/7 are part of our common vocabulary. In more than 100 A–Z entries, Maruca, a freelance business writer and editor, explores concepts, ideas, people, fads, themes, and issues that have become part of the business vernacular, shedding light on the dynamic ways in which business and society both influence and reflect each other. . . . Informative and entertaining, this set would be useful in helping business managers, frontline employees, students, and educators understand the workplace and the business world."—Booklist, August 1, 2008

"Entries in The Way We Work: An Encyclopedia of Business Culture do provide an interesting snapshot of today’s American office culture and topics ranging from E-mail to Killer App and Napster show how technology has pervaded our business culture."—ARBA, March 1, 2009
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