Salsa and Related Genres
A Bibliographical Guide
by Rafael Figueroa
October 1992, 128pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-27883-9
$40, £30, 34€, A58

Mainly English-language sources on Afro-Hispanic popular music, classified by subject.

The Latin sound called salsa, or, more correctly, Afro-Hispanic music of the Antilles, is a vital force on the international contemporary music scene. Having followed the same path as did other popular music genres, such as jazz, from ethnic origins to urban underground and on to worldwide acceptance, salsa has recently also become a subject of academic study. Here Figueroa presents materials about salsa and related musical genres that are accessible in the non-Latin world, with an emphasis on English-language sources.

Attempting to serve the varied interests of the musicologist and the anthropologist, the journalist and music critic, the musician and the listener, this bibliographical guide documents useful data in books, articles, dissertations, encyclopedia entries, videos, recordings, liner notes, and reviews. Included are certain Hispanic publications, self-published books, and materials for musicians not readily classified in libraries or entered in indexing sources. Entries here are organized by subject and grouped within four broad sections, proceeding from sources covering whole areas or countries, to those on specific styles, genres, and rhythms, to those with biographical information, and to topics related to playing, teaching, or arranging for the various instruments. Author-title and subject indexes complete the work.

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