Lesbian and Gay Voices
An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Literature for Children and Young Adults
by Frances Ann Day
June 2000, 296pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-31162-8
$57, £44, 50€, A79
eBook Available: 978-0-313-09544-3
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Written to support librarians and educators in their efforts to provide young people with positive literary images, this groundbreaking guide celebrates an exciting body of work that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of gay and lesbian teens, and their heterosexual peers.

With a foreword by Nancy Garden, the highly acclaimed author of Young Adult Fiction, this thoughtfully written annotated bibliography reviews picture books, young adult fiction, short stories nonfiction works and biographies for young readers. Entries specify the age level appropriateness of each work as well as literary awards received for the work. Each annotation is followed by a list of topics in the work which the user will find cross-referenced in the topic index. With additional recommendations on books for librarians, educators and parents, and a set of suggested guidelines for evaluating books, this user-friendly guide is valuable as both a reader resource and as collection development tool. The guide also provides author profiles of selected writers who have made outstanding contributions to this field of literature. This information is complemented by inspiring author quotes, photographs, and lists of their books categorized by age level appropriateness. The up-to-date information on helpful resources for teens and their families found here along with a select bibliography and additional indices make this comprehensive guide a powerful and important reference tool for helping young gay and lesbian readers.


Honor Book, The GLBT Book Award Recommended Readers' Advisory Tools Collection , January 1, 2000


"The evaluation and selection of materials that depict gays and lesbians and that are intended for children and young adults has long been problematic. . . . With this book, Day takes a major step toward filling this gap. . . . Useful for all school, public, and academic libraries."—Choice, 00/00/00

"Here is the book that any parent, teacher or librarian has been longing for: the definitive bibliography of books for children and young adults that have queer themes or characters. . . . This book is a long overdue resource. Kudos to Frances Ann Day for putting it together."—Lambda Book Report, February 1, 2001

". . .a crucial resource for those who wish to learn more about gay and lesbian roles in children's and young adult fiction."—MultiCultural Review, 00/00/00

"Library media specialists and educators will find this volume equally helpful for reader's advisory as well as collection development. . . . This volume will help library media specialists establish balanced, comprehensive collections. Recommended."—The Book Report/Library Talk, 00/00/00

". . . illuminates a decades-long struggle to get positive gay role models into books for the young. . . . Day also profiles 16 gay and lesbian authors whose stories embody her vision of role models who have overcome prejudice and contributed something valuable to society. Through this text, Day certainly embodies that vision."—Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin, 00/00/00

"This much-needed, thorough guide should be a welcome addition for those librarians who have struggled for years to find positive, compassionate books to give support to lesbian and gay youth and children of lesbian/gay parents. . . . this is an extraordinary compilation that belongs in every collection."—School Library Journal, 00/00/00

"Historically, gay and lesbian youth have had nowhere to turn to buy books, almost all of which were overwhelmingly discouraging and negative. Finding it imperative that gay and lesbian youth have access to the many books written in recent years to fill this aching gap in self recognition, Frances Ann Day painstakingly put together a reference book which includes more than 275 titles of recommended books."—Women's Voices, 00/00/00

". . . this resource is invaluable for librarians and educators serving young people and their families. . . . At last those who work with young people have an up-to-date, comprehensive listing of resources that can help gay/lesbian/questioning teens searching for information, role models, or support. As noted author Nancy Garden states definitively in her foreward, this is a book that can save lives. Every library should own and use this important reference resource."—VOYA, 00/00/00

"A must for any school library or teacher concerned with this important issue."—Rethinking Schools, 00/00/00

"This book may be the best antidote for homophobia available to teachers at this time. . . . There is no doubt that this must-purchase resource will win many awards."—Multicultural Perspectives, 00/00/00

"An extraordinary compilation of books targeted to a younger audience. . . . buy a copy of this remarkable bibliography and donate it to your local library or school. Lesbian and Gay Voices is a gift to readers young and old, one that has the power to change lives for the better."—Bay Area Reporter, 00/00/00

"[B]rings together under one cover so much material."—Horn Book Magazine, 00/00/00

"The up-to-date information on helpful resources for teens and their families found here,along with a select bibliography and additional indices, makes this comprehensive guide a powerful and important reference tool for helping young gay and lesbian readers."—Adolescence, 00/00/00

"Librarians, teachers, parents, counselors, and gay and lesbian youth will all find Lesbian and Gay Voices helpful in finding well-written books. And let's not forget that all children will relate better to gays and lesbians around them when they have read works such as those featured in this bibliography."—Feminist Collections, 00/00/00

"This much-needed resource would be an invaluable asset to school, public, or academic library reference collections."—ARBA, 00/00/00

"What distinguishes this book from other lists of youth-related material on homosexuality is its comprehensiveness and depth. . . . The author. . . has produced a fine reference work that will be of value in school and public libraries as well as other libraries with collections of children's and young adult literature."—RUSQ, June 1, 2001

"There was a time when books and resources on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues were scarce--especially for children and young adults. Now there are many books available and Lesbian and Gay Voices is an excellent guide to finding what we need. . . . This is comprehensive, thorough, and up-to-date. A wonderful tool that PFLAG chapters and supporters nationwide can use to find the latest information on a range of GLBT issues presented in age-appropriate ways. With Lesbian and Gay Voices, readers can find books that can illuminate questions about sexual orientation and gender identity for parents, educators, and school administrators as well as youth."—Kirsten Kingdon^LExecutive Director^LParents, Families and Friends of Lesbian and Gays (PFLAG)

"Back when we were kids, Lesbian and Gay Voices, this wonderfully complete and helpful book, could have spared us a great deal of pain and anxiety. . . . Make no mistake: this is a book that can save lives. . . . This is indeed a book whose time has come! I welcome it and applaud it, and I hope that you will, too."—Nancy Garden^LFrom the Foreword

"Lesbian and Gay Voices is a much-needed resource. Throughout the last decade there has been an explosion of lesbian and gay themed literature, and an unprecedented number of schools that have moved toward inclusion of these issues in both policy and pedagogy. Lesbian and Gay Voices skillfully presents educators, administrators and librarians with a comprehensive collection of the top literary works in this area for youth of all ages. Through thoughtful annotations, evaluation guidelines, and author profiles, Day guides her reader through the world of lesbian and gay literature with insight and organization."—Kevin Jennings, Executive Director, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

"Whether with lesbian, gay, or questioning folks, every individual and group, including every PFLAG chapter, working with children and young adults or their parents, families and friends, must have a copy of Lesbian and Gay Voices at hand. It is a priceless resource and belongs in every medical, academic, public and private library."—Jim Spahr, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

"Here at last is a much needed guide to lesbian/gay themed literature for young readers. For years librarians, teachers and parents have been asking for help in finding compassionate books that will provide support for young lesbian and gay people who are often isolated, ostracized and confused. Award winning author/educator Frances Ann Day offers us a thoughtful guide that will awaken empathy for an at-risk population of youngsters. She provides insight into the role books can play in enhancing self-esteem, providing refuge, nurturing hope, building community and touching the hearts and minds of people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and orientations."—Bonnie S. Arthur, author of Night Lights
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