How Geography Affects the United States
October 2002, 720pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
5 volumes, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-32250-1
$188, £145, 164€, A258

Discover the ways in which geography has affected the lives of people living in the United States.

Mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans and other geographical components have always affected the ways Americans live, from settlement patterns to industries. What’s the highest mountain peak in the United States? Which is the longest river? How have wars been affected by geographical landmarks in this country? Why did trade build up in some areas and not in others? Students can find answers to these and other questions in this five-volume set, each volume covering a different region. Entries, arranged alphabetically, explore the ways in which a particular geographical feature has affected the lives of those who settled in the area. Students will discover why farming emerged in some areas while big industries built up in others, and how people have to adapt their ways of living to accommodate their environments. Information on how each feature is being affected today by such factors as air and water pollution is also provided so students can develop a broad understanding of both geography and science.

Volume 1: The Northeast
Volume 2: The Southeast
Volume 3: The Midwest
Volume 4: The West
Volume 5: The Southwest

Grades 6-8


  • 160 Photographs
  • 90 Maps, Charts, and Illustrations
  • Sidebars and Fact boxes
  • Pronunciation key
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