Historical Statistics of Chile, Volume V
Money, Banking, and Financial Services
by Mamalakis
November 1985, 532pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-25136-8
$75, £56, 63€, A108

This volume is a six-part systematic, comprehensive, and up-to-date presentation, description, and methodological analysis of two hundred and forty-nine tables of statistics and related qualitative evidence on money, banking, and financial services in Chile. Part I, on money, deals with the historical statistics and related qualitative evidence needed to understand the monetary history of Chile from 1749 until the establishment of the Central Bank during 1925-6. Part II, on the banking system, presents information on the assets and liabilities of Chilean commercial banks during 1857-1900 and historical statistics of the Bank of Chile. Part III, on capital markets, contains extensive historical statistics on savings, mortgages, credit, and stocks and bonds, especially for the pre-1930 period. It also includes a description and analysis of credit asphyxia during 1940-1965. Part IV contains monetary statistics according to the old and new definitions of the Central Bank of Chile for the period 1960-1981. Part V contains detailed historical statistics on interest rates and the cost of credit for all or part of the 1848-1984 period. It also presents a theory of financial services which explains the contribution to income by the financial sector and the seeds of a theory of unilateral transfers. Part VI contains historical statistics, qualitative information and analysis of reserve requirements, income velocity of money, and demand for money, as well as a summary and the conclusions of this study.

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