Clothing through American History
The Federal Era through Antebellum, 1786–1860
by Ann Buermann Wass and Michelle Webb Fandrich
February 2010, 407pp, 7 x 10
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-33533-4
$103, £80, 90€, A142
eBook Available: 978-0-313-08459-1
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Learn what men, women, and children have worn—and why—in American history, beginning with the classical styles worn in the early American republic through the hoop skirts and ready-made clothes worn before the Civil War.

Authors Ann Buermann Wass and Michelle Webb Fandrich provide information on fabrics, materials, and manufacturing; a discussion of levels of society, daily life, and dress; and the types of clothes worn by men, women, and children, including American Indians and enslaved people.

The authors have painstakingly researched such primary sources as diaries, letters, and wills of the people of the time, in addition to secondary resources. Just a few of the topics include:
• The constant problems of getting fabrics, such as wool, or cotton, in the late eighteenth centuries
• The types of clothes that slave men, women, and children were allowed to wear
• The beginnings of patterns and the mass production of clothing in the mid nineteenth century.

The volume features numerous illustrations, helpful timelines, resource guides recommending websites, videos, and print publications, and extensive glossaries.


". . . this is an exceptional, information-packed resource."—Library Journal, June 1, 2010

". . . highly recommended for research collections where quality counts..."—Booklist, July 1, 2010

". . . an extremely useful reference work that provides coverage of styles divided by sex, age, class, and race, and includes excellent glossaries that will be invaluable to anybody interested in historical recreation or theatrical costuming. . . . Recommended. All levels/libraries."—Choice, December 1, 2010
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