by Virginia Scott
October 2008, 168pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-35127-3
$50, £38, 42€, A72
eBook Available: 978-0-313-35128-0
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Google raced to the top of the high-tech heap in record time—here’s how it sets the standard for quality and innovation in the worldwide market for information and entertainment.

It’s the American dream—start a company, make a fortune, and retire early. But to become multimillionaires in their twenties, as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin did, boggles the mind. All they did, after all, is come up with a better way to search for things on the Internet, right? Only in part. No company achieves a market value in the range of $172 billion (in early 2008) based on a single good idea. This new entry in the Corporations That Changed the World series shows how Google exploited the rage for click through ads, instant news, mapping and satellite imagery, email, and more to create a high-tech behemoth that has done nothing less than change the way we work and live.

Chapters in the book:
• Explain the importance of the company and the essential disruptions it introduced that changed business forever. -Detail Google’s origins and brief history
• Present biographies of the founders and the historical context in which they launched the company. -Explain Google’s strategies and innovations
• Show how Google’s treatment of employees—food for free, concierge services, laundry facilities, and more—set the bar high for any company eager to attract the best and brightest
• Assess Google’s impact on society, technology, processes, methods, etc. (Huge, considering that the company’s name has become a verb in the English language!)
• Show how Google beat Yahoo and other companies working hard to create a roadmap of the Internet. -Detail financial results over the years
• Predict Google’s future prospects and successes.

In addition, author Virginia Scott offers special features that include a look at the colorful people associated with Google, interesting trivia, ethical issues and controversies, a focus on products, what its detractors have to say, and a look at where the company is headed. Google—a company that changed, and is changing, the world.


"...A useful work for anyone wanting a readable overview of Google and its impact on society. Recommended. General readers and lower-division undergraduate students."—Choice, April 1, 2009

"The author's writing, although very detailed, is concise, easy to understand, and never too technical. Descriptions of how users have benefitted from Google technologies are accompanied by examples. This book is invaluable to those interested in Google and how it became the most popular search engine on the Web despite never advertising itself. Students with reports to write will appreciate the book's organization and moments of less formal, more conversational writing."—VOYA, April 1, 2009

"Considering its light tone and easy reading, Scott's Google would seem to be most at home in a middle or perhaps high school library, or in the hands of the reader needing only a quick and simple overview of the corporation whose approach to information retrieval, as the Corporations That Changed the World series posits, changed the way we live."—Against the Grain, April 1, 2009

Corporations That Changed the World

Google. Toyota. Harley-Davidson. Apple. These companies and the others in the Corporations That Changed the World Series all have one thing in common: They changed the way we live, and even the way we think. And each has been an industry pathfinder that enabled many other companies to succeed.

Each book in the series:
  • Explains how the company changed the way we live, work, enjoy leisure, communicate, drive, or shop

  • Details each company's history, innovations and competitive advantage, missteps, financial results, and future prospects

  • Spotlights entrepreneurs and the methods they used to achieve stellar results

  • Provides timelines for context, trivia for fun, case studies for learning, and executive biographies for interest and profit

Corporations That Changed the World: Perfect for students doing research projects, budding moguls who'd like to follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs looking for insights or secrets of success, managers searching for profitable strategies, and anyone who wants the scoop on companies that create products they can't live without.
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