From Hinton to Hamlet
Building Bridges between Young Adult Literature and the Classics, 2nd Edition
by Sarah K. Herz, Donald R. Gallo
August 2005, 276pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-32452-9
$51, £40, 45€, A70
eBook Available: 978-0-313-06149-3
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Uses thematic groupings built around recent young adult literature as bridges to the classics. This second edition has been revised by more than 60% and expanded. It continues to emphasize the goal of helping teenagers become lifelong readers, as well as critical and confident readers.

The required classics in grades 7-12 are often too complex and removed from adolescent experience. This informative text uses thematic groupings built around recent young adult literature (YAL) as bridges to the classics. This second edition, which the authors have revised and greatly expanded, emphasizes the goal of helping teenagers become lifetime readers, as well as critical and confident readers. By pairing the required classics and young adult literature around common themes, the authors illustrate specific theme connections and include extensive lists of annotated YAL titles at the end of each classic title. The new edition features more than 1,000 titles, hundreds published in the last five years. Thirty-three recent YAL titles are included as theme connectors among the twelve most frequently taught classics.


New to this second edition: Thirty-three recent titles are included as theme connectors among the twelve most frequently taught classics. Thematic units on War: It's Effects and Its Aftermath and The Great Depression, including the Dust Bowl have been expanded. Many new annotated YAL titles added to Archetypes. A step-by-step approach to writing an Author Paper using YAL Profiles of five outstanding school and public library programs that exemplify innovative student involvement. Twelve interdisciplinary categories include lengthy annotated lists of fiction and nonfiction for interdisciplinary approaches. Internet resources of book reviews, professional journals, authors, organizations, and Web sites devoted to YAL.


The Five-Foot Bookshelf of Essential Professional Books VOYA 2005 Editor's Choic, January 1, 2005


Teachers, librarians, even parents looking for an inducement for today's teenager to read and connect to the Joad family, Atticus Finch, Ralph and Jack, or even Huckleberry Finn, will find it through this reference read. More than ideas and lesson plans, the book explores what young adult literature is all about, providing success stories from other schools and libraries, and has an impressive resources appendix. Well-organized, practical, interesting, and useful are some of the adjectives that come to mind with this book. . . .This is one book that won't gather dust on the shelf, as it will be busy being used to form literature units throughout the year.—Christian Library Journal, 00/00/00

This book is a must-read for teachers who want to produce not only graduates but also lifelong readers.—Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 00/00/00

Teachers, parents, and any who would present literature to young adults will want to make ^IFrom Hinton to Hamlet, 2nd Edition: Building Bridges Between Young Adult Literature and the Classics^R by Susan K. Herz and Donald R. Gallo part of their required reading.—Midwest Book Review, 00/00/00

^IFrom Hinton to Hamlet^R advocates a democratic approach to the teaching of the classics. The canon is not merely for honors students; it is for everyone. A fabulous addition to any professional library.—SIGNAL Journal, 00/00/00

^BStarred Review^R Not only are the classics from Twain to Lee covered, but also included are themes from the classic titles, theme connectors to young adult titles, annotated recommended young adult titles that connect to the theme, and a list of other recommended young adult connections. . . . Invaluable as a professional collaborative tool between teachers and librarians, this title will be referred to frequently. Highly recommended.—Library Media Connection, 00/00/00

The new edition of this professional classic addresses a need in many schools. Aimed at teachers and librarians, the text offers personal experiences, testimonials, data, and theory for incorporating young adult literature into classrooms. . . . This resource is a must-have for all school libraries and one to considered for all public libraries as well. Libraries that use the first edition would do well to consider purchasing the second.—VOYA, 00/00/00

^BOn the First Edition:^R Connecting the best YA literature and the classics, this fine, practical guide challenges condescending stereotypes about YA literature and shows how it can be used in the English classroom, across the curriculum, and in the library to open students to the pleasure of reading, at least as an entry or bridge to more complex literature. The largest section of the book discusses using great YA novels with 10 commonly taught classics. Teachers and librarians will find this a well-focused combination of theory and hands-on examples.—Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin, 00/00/00

^BOn the First Edition:^R The most effective teaching takes what a student already knows and attaches new concepts to the old. For years English teachers have struggled to teach the likes of ^IJulius Caesar^R and ^IThe Scarlet Letter^R in isolation to students who protest that these 'classics' have nothing in common with their young lives. The authors maintain that there is a better way than pop quizzes and lectures to teach the books and plays that are part of everyone's curriculum. If the teacher can help students understand and enjoy one of the many excellent young adult novels available, then it is possible to link common elements in the young-adult novel to the 'classic' to make that crucial bridge between young lives and a lasting relationship with literature. . . . Every part of this book is useful. . . .This should be required reading for everyone on the English and library staffs. Highly recommended.—The Book Report, 00/00/00

The new edition of ^IFrom Hinton to Hamlet^R will do more than build bridges between YA literature and the classics. Herz and Gallo's efforts will build bridges between teachers who love the classics and their students who long for more contemporary literature. It will also build an important bridge for students between classics that are often less than accessible to contemporary readers and YA literature that imparts similar themes and concepts. Finally, the inclusion of the role of the librarian (both in the school and public libraries) will build an essential bridge that connects teacher and students and librarians in an effort to make reading a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. This professional must-read will refresh teachers looking for innovative approaches to expand and explore the literary canon at the secondary level. Particularly helpful will be the wealth of connections made between and among classic and YA texts and the concrete teaching ideas such as the Author Paper.—Teri S. Lesesne^LProfessor, Department of Library Science^LSam Houston State University

This second edition of the Herz and Gallo book reads like teachers talking with each other, and the conversation is full of information, suggestions, and resources, including extensive lists of titles that fit interdisciplinary categories, thematic units, archetypes, and classic/young adult literature pairings. The authors are not only avid readers of young adult literature, but are experienced teachers who know how to reach the range of students in today's classrooms. This work expands our knowledge and appreciation of a wealth of well-crafted literary works, classic and contemporary, while also suggesting various ways to teach literature so that all readers have an opportunity to consider the big questions about what it means to be human.—Connie S. Zitlow^LOhio Wesleyan University

The first edition of ^IFrom Hinton to Hamlet^R is good; the second edition is great. This is a must-have book. Sarah Herz and Don Gallo know teens and their reading interests, and they know how to bring them together. They offer sensible, substantial suggestions and a multitude of intriguing titles in this highly readable book. I'm recommending it to every current and future teacher I know.—Louann Reid^LProfessor of English Education^LColorado State University^Leditor of ^IEnglish Journal^R

Since its initial publication, ^IFrom Hinton to Hamlet^R has been a standard title for all those interested in using young adult literature in the classroom. But now, with this splendidly expansive new edition, it becomes an instant classic, an indispensable resource, which proves that young adult literature has finally come of literature. Bravo!—Michael Cart^L^IBooklist^R^LFormer President, YALSA and ALAN
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